Thursday, October 4, 2018

15minute increments work!

 I found this block, made long ago, in my red, white and blue box of fabrics.  In my quilting past, I wanted to make the most difficult and challenging blocks there were, so I did!  Not so much anymore; been there and done that, but I still like this block!

The reason that I mentioned 15 minute increments, is that I work well that way.  Run around with a movie to listen to, or music on, and clean, clean, clean for 15 minutes, making it fun!!  Then plop down and sew, sew, sew for 15 minutes!  Rinse and repeat.  It works great for me, and I get a lot done this way.

 I also found this block.  I need to finish these blocks!
 I was making flower blocks, to go in the birdie quilt, but I made them a tiny bit too small!!  OH well...I will use them somewhere, LOL!
 These are pinwheels leftover from the medallion center I made a couple of days ago.  Just can't throw anything away, I guess. m These are 5 inch finished.
 A little tiny mug rug was also made, from little bitty leftovers.
 I made these, planning another quilt...but it just didn't look right for the project I planned, so I have a bunch of these blocks now, waiting for an opportunity to be in a quilt; they will find their proper place!  Funny how large they look to me...these are made from 2.5 inch squares.
Just playing, here!

I made some banana bread, from Bonnie's' recipe.  Bonnie-cakes, to me!  Please see the recipe here!

Take a look at her free quilt patterns and she even has quick download patterns for purchase now!!  Love Quiltville!!



Tired Teacher said...

Great blocks and so much fun to arrange and rearrange units. I know some people throw bits and pieces away, but I just can't do that. I had a slice of banana bread for breakfast - yummy with a bit of butter and a cup of hot tea.

Quilting Babcia said...

I love all those free patterns from Bonnie too. I have a bunch of mismatched flower blocks like yours that I'm trying to put together into a quilt somehow. I was trying (unsuccessfully, apparently) to teach my new quilters 1/4 inch seam, cutting with a rotary cutter, etc. and they are a mishmash of sizes and shapes! Thinking of adding a border to each and then squaring up to a uniform size. Love that first block you showed! Do you plan to make enough for a quilt ... eventually?

Kyle said...

I totally agree. Those little 15 minute increments add up. I pretty much work in that way too. Your little bits look great.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That top block is great. You need to surround it with other blocks.

Sherrill said...

You're really making me tired....LOL

Chantal said...

Love the 15 minutes idea. I have a hard time seating for a long time so I am probably already doing the 15 minutes routine without realizing it. It's the same at work. I get up every so often to check on something, bring photocopies, welcome in new parents, etc. Once the chair is warm up, I leave! lol.
Love your blocks. Too bad for your cute little flowers. They will fit into another garden, I'm sure. ;^)

cspoonquilt said...

Looks like that 15 min thing really works for you! I love the multi colored with white patch work so cheerful!

Janet O. said...

So many fun parts and pieces to play with! I know you will make good use of every little bit, and it will all be great!

---"Love" said...

All of the blocks you showed are really cute! I love the checkerboard, and that first block is fantastic! Maybe you should frame it! ---"Love"

KaHolly said...

I operate that way, too! Maybe not so much the clean, clean, clean part, but there’s always something to do inbetween sewing spurts.

Nann said...

So many quilt designs nowadays emphasize fast-and-easy. There's merit to making complicated blocks like the first one that you show -- working for accuracy, especially.
There is irony in having to make a bunch more (or a bunch of something) in order to use the two or three units saved from a project. (Ask me how I know....)

Karen said...

In your past life, you did good making that first block. I forget the pattern name. Anyhow, I tried a couple times to make the center of a block like that and was never successful despite trying different methods.

akoni lilo said...

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Alycia said...

That first block looks extremely difficult!! I am like you I like the increments too!!