Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Dearest Boy!!

Here is the next block, for the quilt "Dearest Boy."  I love hearts, so I love this block, and tried to follow the original color scheme, using what I have.  There is something very hypnotic and soothing about stitching these applique blocks, in the quiet of the morning.

Hurrah!  On to the next...and the cow is coming up at some point!!

Please see below, to see all the lovely blocks and bloggers making this quilt!

***********************Nurse's Notes*********************

Speaking of hypnotic...I have had the privilege of caring for a family from India, at the hospital.  So, I have been treated to Indian music and food!!  The music has many repeated chants, and I must say...they are stuck in my head, and I found myself swaying to the music and loving it!  What a dedicated family...The kids flew in from all over the country, and are so dedicated to their very ill dad...he is on life support, continuous dialysis, and so on.  His precious wife of 54 years held his face in her hands and told him how much she loved him yesterday...and I stepped out of the hospital room and just wept.  He will not make it through this...and yet?  I have been surprised in the past at some miraculous recoveries, which just goes to show you that a higher power is in charge of us!!!!!!




hamoda hmada said...
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Cathy said...

I love your block. I also love how each of our blocks are slightly different. Hugs

hamoda hmada said...
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Julierose said...

Lovely block for dearest Boy--i like your muted colors hugs, Julierose

Janet O. said...

Sweet story of the family at the hospital.
Yes, pink hearts should make you a happy stitcher! :) Very nice block.

Karen said...

Your heart block looks oh so sweet. And not having the hexagon flower shapes is not one bit missed on your block.

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Beautiful block Julie! I especially love the pink plaid fabric you have used. I'm having issues with Blogger and can't seem to post at the moment :( Thinking of the Indian family, I hope the father can make a miracle recovery.

Chantal said...

Appliqué, hearts and plaid!! You must be in heaven! Love the nurse note too. ;^)

---"Love" said...

Your little hearts look perfect to me! And again, to think you made them at the same time you have been so involved with a family that is hurting so much, proves to me that indeed you do have a special heart that loves helping people! Bless you! ---"Love"

Clipping Path said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks

Lori said...

What a cute block.
I love to hear about dedicated families- so many are disconnected these days.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh Julie You made me teary with that lovely family story!
Sending you lots of love and you offer support for the father's hopefully peaceful transition and the family's grief

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