Monday, July 9, 2018

Row by row quilt

So I finished the pinwheel row, and I am working on the hearts row.  This is my favorite, as some of you may have guessed!!  Nine more hearts to go, then on to the next row, which I am not sure what is yet, LOL!!  This is pretty fun patchwork, itty-bitty,  and I have kind of made a game of for fifteen minutes, then jump up and do things on my housecleaning to-do list for fifteen minutes, then sew, and so on!!  SEW ON!  Hahaha!

Have a wonderful night, each of you, or day...whichever it is in your part of our world.

Julie K


Tired Teacher said...

You're cruising right along on this project. The hearts and pinwheels look fabulous. Any churn dash blocks in your plans?

Kyle said...

Each row is darling. I like how you're pacing yourself

Janet O. said...

You are making great progress, Julie. I know those little things don't sew up quickly.
Your method is how I often have to fit any quilting in amidst all the "have-tos", but quilting rarely gets equal time. Unless, of course, I ignore my timer and keep quilting because I am on a roll! LOL

Soksophoan said...
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