Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dearest Boy update!!

Here is my rendition of the applique quilt, "Dearest Boy."  This block was fun to hand applique, but I had a little incident at the end.  I took my block, when finished, in triumph that I was done,  to the laundry room, where my ironing board is set up, to give it a good pressing.  So then?  I had two similar bottles side by side; one was spray starch, and one was Spray and wash stain remover.  You guessed it!  I sprayed it with Spray and Wash...hahahaha!!!  So, I gently agitated it under warm water, let the block dry flat, and THEN I pressed it with the spray starch!! block is definitely stain free...


This block was poignant for me, because I grew up on a farm. We had a small orchard, and one tree was Bartlett pears.  MY FAVORITE ever!  We made pear butter and pear preserves and ate pears and just loved that tree!!  That home grown fruit was so much sweeter than anything I have ever found in a store...and it was a time with my mom and family that I cherish.

Hey guess what?  More friends are joining the group, sewing this quilt!  

Cathy:  Big Lake Quilter
Julie:  Juliekquilts (me)
Carole: Wheels on the Warrandyte bus
Doreen:  Aunt Reen's Place

It is super fun to sew in a group...and I bet NONE of these expert quilters has ever sprayed her block with Spray and Wash, LOL!!  I am looking forward to sharing sewing with all of you.

This is the whole quilt. We have a whole row done!!  So I will try to get it all sewn together today.  I am off from the hospital, and doing laundry, and catching up.

Blogging!  Thank you, everyone, who took a moment to comment on my last post.  What a wonderful thing to hear from all of you!  Some of you are anonymous, or "no reply", but I cherish all of you.  Stay tuned...we are going to have fun this summer...or winter for my dear friend Lyn in Australia!

************************Nurse's Notes*****************************

It has been a humdinger of a busy time at the hospital.  People are really, really sick...code blue sick (heart or breathing has stopped).  We put them into hypothermia protocol (cool them to 90F to stop brain swelling and slow metabolic function for 24 hours.)  I am please to tell you that my guy, who had a heart attack, is waking up and doing great!

I had a patient also, that was under police custody.  He was very nice, in his shackles, and actually had bypass surgery!!  I found out that he was in prison for beating his wife to death.  Oh my gosh!!  I was so grateful for the police there!!!  He got the exact same care as everyone else, but that was in our minds.

I love being a nurse, and for the personal connections we make and sustain...some patients have been in and out for years, and instead of cool impersonal care, we give big hugs and "how are yous??!!"


Have a super day, each of you!

Quote of the day:  "The secret to success is to get started."

So I am getting going!




Julierose said...

Oh loving your Bartlett Pears--your block looks very Christmas-sey--so adorable...I am following all of you in this little QAL--hugs, Julierose

Donna said...

Although I love appliquéd quilts, my appliqué is horrible!! I have taken several classes; done both hand and machine and have decided it is not for me! I will just enjoy seeing yours and everyone elses! I so appreciate nurses!!! Recently I spent the night in the hospital with my sister who had a mastectomy. She had the most wonderful, caring night nurses. I made sure I contacted the hospital through email and let them know. The hospital immediately contacted me back and was so pleased! I think a lot of the times people only complain about bad service but not the good!

Phyllis said...

I just received my copy of Dearest Boy and am anxious to get started. I am hoping to mix wool and cotton in the blocks. Thanks for the sharing of all of your lovely quilts. You encourage me to keep on.


I love your little block and will be 'watching' you as you make each block!! and who knows maybe-just maybe I will get that book and work along too!!
Love the nurse notes--thanks for caring so much-
enjoy, di

Loris said...

Your blocks are coming along so beautifully! This will be a memorable quilt.
Those patients in shackles...heart breaking and scary at times. We tried not to ask why they were imprisoned and were just grateful for the guards. Equal respect and compassion is always the best way to go. So Amen to that!
PS. I figured out my sign in problem and I can comment on blogs again. Yay!

Cathy said...

I love your block. Good job. Hugs

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Julie, I enjoy seeing all progress of your quilting adventures, but I especially love your nurse's notes. As a patient with MANY admits to the hospital, I have met so many good nurses. Your hard work and caring attitude makes for a splendid nurse. Keep up the good work.

Kyle said...

Glad the spraying incident didn't cause any of the fabrics to bleed. Your Christmas pear tree is lovely.

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Ditto with Kyle, I thought I was going to read that the colours ran so at least there was no damage done :) an easy mistake to make. Loved your last post about blogging, it’s really inspired me to get back to mine more.

Chantal said...

So, I heard you have stainless pears. That's a good thing to have, I guess. Hope the spraying didn't change any of the taste as they sure do look sweet. Back home, we had plum trees. Plum jam is the bestest! (Why am I hungry suddenly, lol) ;^)

Lilac Joan said...

When I was about ten years old a neighbor had a pear tree and didn't want the pears. So the kids got to eat them, like you I have never tasted a pear that good again. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Always love your post. I understand but I wish you had time to post every day.

Lilac Joan said...

P.S. Since I wash my hair in the shower maybe I need to remove the Nair from there.

---"Love" said...

I too have fond memories of my mom making pear preserves with pears from our tree; delicious! I hope if and when I have to be in the hospital, I have a nurse as caring as you are! ---"Love"

Little Penpen said...

You girls are making me wish I could do the Dearest Boy blocks. I am looking forward to everyone getting their cow block done. Yikes on the prisoner patient... I have looked up a few of my shady patients before too... I guess they get sick, too. LOL

Lori said...

What a fun and quirky pear block!! Yay! To a full row!

I've grabbed the basting spray instead of starch!

Quilter Kathy said...

SO fun that more quilters are joining in the sew along... I look forward to watching your progress!
Also enjoyed reading the link in your previous post about blogging... thanks for posting the link.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Speaking of your spray n wash, I had the choco syrup out next to my milk glass, and accidentally poured it into my eggs instead this morning. I tossed those and started over. Oh well. It's happened once before, and I'm sure it will happen again, next time I'm really distracted while fixing breakfast.

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Terri said...

I always heard begun is half done.