Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Progressing, but not much worthy of a picture!!

 I have been sewing and sewing and sewing!!  I have 26 mores seams to sew, and these blocks will be done.  This is Annie's creation, the Northwest x Southwest donation quilt that I have been working on!  I should call it the insomnia quilt, though, because the majority of the quilt has been pieced between the hour of 3 and 5 AM.  Quiet time...meditative time...just good sewing time!!!

Hope you are having a fun time sewing, yourself!  I enjoy hearing about what you are working on, both sewing and non sewing stuff!



Julierose said...

Oh I like this one, Julie;)))
those little flags are so cute in there
Nice work Hugs, Julierose

Sandy said...

I agree that’s going to be a great quilt. I don’t do much sewing in the middle of the night, but I’ll use those sleepless hours to do mindless prep and or,cleaning. Stuff I don’t want to be bothered with during “real” sewing time.

Phyllis said...

Where do we find the patterns? I really like the look of this quilt. TIA>

Karen said...

Many nights, I am awake still at 3 am but make myself get in bed and try to get to sleep. I seem to be more of a night owl in recent years. Yours comes from hospital night shift working, I think.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I love the blocks and colors! Very pretty!