Saturday, September 15, 2007

Well, today has been nothing but a play day!! I have done nothing of consequence all day, and it was just great! We went out to eat, to a home and garden show, to watch the Texas Longhorns win over Florida in the football game, and took a incredibly decadent!! I am going to do laundry now, and back to work tomarrow.

At our work yesterday, we had a silent auction for the American heart Association. As my DH has had a heart attack, this organization is near and dear to my heart. So a dear friend and I made a quilt to auction. I have had this top for a few years (aging suitably), and I thought it would be perfect to finish and donate. The fabric has bible verses, and the rows are all flying geese. This fabric is dated!! but still fun. My friend has a longarm quilting machine, and she quilted it in nothing flat. This picture was without the binding, and not quite straight :)

This quilt was inspired by Elaine Adair, who showed a similar quilt on her blog. I changed it a little and enjoyed every minute of making it, so thanks for the inspiration Elaine!!

hmmmmm....why does blogger put the pictures where it wants to? I wish I knew more about computers!! The top one is the one with the baptist fan quilting...

So, off to that laundry....have fun all!!

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