Thursday, September 20, 2007

old and new!!

Well, I had a 13 hour day at work, and now for some playtime!!!By the way,I love my work. Being a nurse is the most challenging, frustrating, scary, amazing, wonderful job in the whole world!! I meet the most amazing people, just full of hope, despair, courage and stories...I am privileged to care for them!!I work in a unit filled with the sickest of the sick, and the courage and tenderness I see everyday fills my heart to the brim...

The Old:

Back to the quilts! The green and cream quilt is called "box turtles". I made it in 1995-2001. OK, so I am not a fast finisher sometimes......but it did get done. Yahoo!! I patterned it from a quilt my mother-in -law Jewell had made in the 1940's that she showed me, that was pretty nearly worn out. The quilting was done by hand, utility style around each unit of the block, and mimics the original. As always, this was made for the pleasure and use of my family, and it gets used lots! As you quilting gals know, this is a take on the drunkard's pathway block, just set into turtles, with appliqued heads and tails on. I had hardly any fabric at that time, so had fun picking lots of different greens out at the fabric store. Just loved making it! I remember setting the blocks together late one night, and learned to applique because my sister showed me how. The first ones are done in a tiny whip stitch, but she showed how to really do it!

The New:

The other little quilt is a new one, just finished for fall, and was so much fun to do. I started out with hand applique, and ended up the machine applique and machine stippling. Just "get 'er done" style. Lots of fun for fall!! It is far from perfect, but I just like it anyway. If we were all perfect, It would be a boring old world, so I like it just like it is. Of course, this is inspired by another of you quilt bloggers, and I appreciate your talent, creativity, generosity and ideas!!

Have a great night!!


Shelina said...

Both of these are so beautiful. I was amused by the fact that you call something from the 90s as "old". Time is relative.

YankeeQuilter said...

These are both great quilts! My first bed size quilt was a drunkards path..what was I thinking!

You sound like the type of nurse I would want working my ward if I or a family member was in the hospital!