Sunday, September 30, 2007

Home again!

Hi to everyone out there!

We went on a little vacation, to see our DS. A great time was had by all!! And I was able to finish the little yellow sunshine quilt; I just about quilted it to death. It was great fun, and my fingers are recovering nicely, thank you.

I have made about one million (slight exaggeration) of these little heart quilts in all colors. I especially like this one. I have given away all but three I could find this morning. Hand appliqued and machine and hand quilted, and washed for the crinkle effect!

This little mini pinwheel quilt is a small version of a larger one that is cut out and aging appropriately :) Yes, it is pretty crooked....I meant it to be that way...ha ha. Seems the old wives tale of putting a mistake in all your work doesn't apply to me, it just happens naturally!! Hope I can the bed-sized version done soon. I need time, does anyone know where I can purchase some?

I also finished my Rose Sampler Supreme quilt top!! At least the center is finished.. It still needs the borders and they are it will be a while! The pattern is by Rosemary Makhan, I just love it!! Bonnie in Quiltville quilted one of this pattern and it is in her customer quilts section. Let me tell you, that was a lot of applique!! I use the needle turn method, and all is by hand. I have been working on this for about 18 months...

Have a wonderful day!



Linda said...

Julie I adore your Rose Sampler Supreme, what a beauty, and those little hearts are so sweet. Nice to see I'm not the only one who adds a little mistake into each quilt, and no mine aren't on purpose either....

The Calico Cat said...

Hello. I love those yellow stars. A gal in my area has taught rose supreme a few times, I have liked them all. I like yours as well.

(Thanks for stopping by.)