Wednesday, July 1, 2020

May I ask a favor of you??

 I guess I am just kind of an action girl.  I see my co-workers needing hats, for nursing!  Our doctors, especially our pulmonologists, are recommending that we all cover our hair, when at work, and wash our hair coverings each night, to help the virus not sticking into our long hair and then getting into our mouths or face.  I made the above hat, from a simple you tube video.  It consists of a circle, and a band.  It is pretty easy, with good instructions. The nurses seem to like this style.
 Here is the back, so the ladies can gather up their long hair in a pony tail and contain it in the cap.

Another view of the finished cap.

 I cut out this many caps in about 15 minutes.

 Below is the you-tube video that I used to make the scrub caps.

I am trying to make caps for all of the nurses I work with.  It takes very little fabric, really.

I am using my scarves, made by my friend Annie, to cover my hair.  But...there is a real need for these caps for those who have nothing to cover their heads.  Some ladies are using bandanas, some have purchased hair covers, (by the way?  Some of these are 30 dollars!)  and some just don't have anything.

Would you be willing to help make some scrub caps?  A fat quarter and a scrap of fabric is all it takes to make one, and about 30 minutes of time.  And a wee bit of interfacing, for the brim.

I would very much appreciate it if you possibly could donate would make a HUGE difference to our nurses, and be very much appreciated!!!!

If you can make one, or some, please contact me at

Thanks!  Quilters are the most giving people around, and always seem to want to help, and here is a much needed way to help!!!



Anonymous said...


There is a pattern on That I have been making. The brim is extended so that the brim becomes ties that the nurses can tie at the back to enclose their hair. No interfacing but does take a bit mor fabric than a fat quarter. The nurses have really liked the style. Thank you for all you do. Dotti in CT

julieQ said...

Thank you, Dotti! I will look at that one too!

Loris said...

Awesome! Would love to :-) I've watched a couple of tutorials...the one you mention is actually the most straight forward. Do you make your square 19" or 18" so you can use a fat quarter? I will be delayed a bit as I'm having a knee treatment tomorrow that will interfere with my sewing a couple of days but I will get some fabric out and get ready. had a good idea too.
I will send some buttons along that can be added to the cap for the face mask elastic.
Praying for the safety and strength of you and your co-workers! Thank you for the opportunity to help.

Lori said...

Julie, I don't have elastic or interfacing and no where to purchase it in my town.
I'm going to throw it out to my facebook group. Let me know if you DON'T want me to.

Janet O. said...

I wish I could help, Julie, but it seems that I am over my head in mask making right now. It takes whatever sewing time I have lately, when I am not helping with my Mom.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

As you can tell, I'm way behind on blog reading. Do you still need caps? I could try to get some made in a week or so.