Monday, December 2, 2019

Mrs. Lincoln's quilt along and Dear Jane update!!

 I am a day late and a dollar short, as my dear Daddy would have said, as I was supposed to post this on the 30th of November, but here is my post for our quilt along!  Most participating quilters are making "Celebrating Mary Brown,", but I am making  the "Mrs. Lincoln" quilt.  Here are my two blocks for November.
 And wow, I already have a whole row done!!  I made the block 10 inches, instead of five inches, so I can have a bed sized quilt when I am done.

Please see these quilters too, to see their lovely quilts in progress!!  Cathy is making Mrs. Lincoln with me, which tickles me so much!

  The following quilters are participating.  We will be showing completed blocks on the 30th of each month!  Take the time to visit them to see their completed monthly blocks!

Karen – Log Cabin Quilter (Lead)
Cathy – Biglakequilter
Jennie  – Overthehillandrunning
Julie K –  Juliekquilts
Robin –   solsticestudio
Nanette – Doitrightquilter
Jan – Nanette will show her progress on her blog.  

 I made some more of these blocks...and cut out all the rest.  Hurrah!!!  I am proud of that part!!

 Jane...dear Jane!  I looked through all the blocks and they are all pretty thought and time consuming, but!  She did have a nine patch block in there, so I made that one.  Hey, any forward progress is good...and that is my story and I am sticking to it!!
I bought this panel on the reduced table at Cabbage Rose quilt shop, long ago.  It has resurfaced...and I am thinking about how to use it in a quilt.  Lots of ideas rumbling around!!!

************************Nurse's notes*******************************

The patient is doing better, better!  WE lifted him out of bed to the chair, and he did OK!  Did not lose blood pressure and was able to handle some activity with max assist.  Ventilator is still on, but at least he is coherent and with us...his wife continues to be constantly at his bedside, so we are feeding her and making her as comfortable as possible.  Progress forward, again, is good!!!!!  This was an all-hands on deck, everyone working in unison and with lots of prayers to save this guy!!!  Hurrah!


Hope you are having a great day,



Loris said...

Prayers that your patient grows a grateful heart in this process! That would be a great reward for this sweet wife. Your quilty progress looks lovely :-)

Julierose said...

Love your blocks on the Mrs. Lincoln quilt--nice work hugs, Julierose

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Prayers for your patient and big hugs to you in celebration of your pretty completed blocks. Progress all around;YAY! No, it can not possibly be December already!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Prayers for your patient and big hugs to you in celebration of your pretty completed blocks. Progress all around; YAY! No, it can not possibly be December already!

Robin said...

Thanks for loving your job and doing it so well. The world needs more people like you.

Chantal said...

Your blocks are super cute, all of them. He's lucky to have a nurse like you because I would have smacked him behind the head a few times, lol. No! Seriously, he's still lucky to have you as a nurse. Sending prayers your way so you continue to be a nurse. ♥ ;^)

Lori said...

Look at those lovely blocks!
Wow, on the patient. I know prayers help! Bless you.

KaHolly said...

Firstly, your glad to here that progress is being made, little by little, step by step! Prayers are global! I love your Mrs. Lincoln row! As always, I love all your blocks! I’m traveling now, so am reduced to handwork. I precut a bunch of scraps and am handsewing 3.5” drunkards path blocks. I haven’t been to Cabbage Rose in a couple of years....maybe only twice since they relocated and downsized. Hopefully, I’ll get there this winter. I always find treasures when I shop there.

Kyle said...

Lovely blocks all in a row. It will
be nice to have a larger quilt when you're done. One more block of DJ is a block done. Keep going.

Cathy said...

I love how you made the daisy block your own. Hugs

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Thank you for the patient update as I know that being a Nurse is not the easiest job. A lot of emotions!

Love you Ms Lincoln and those pinwheel blocks! Doing a great job! Hugs

Randy D. said...

Your blocks looks wonderful. It's going to be a great quilt!!!

Jennie in GA said...

Your blocks are looking great, and Ilove those new pinwheel blocks. So glad to hear that your patient is improving.

Janet O. said...

I especially love that pretty flower block!
And you have all of the pinwheel blocks cut? That is almost half the battle won right there. :)
With your tender care, patients probably have a hard time NOT getting better.

R's Rue said...


Karen said...

You did very nice applique on the yellow flower block for Mrs. Lincoln. I know you are enjoying the stitching.

Susan said...

And now I want to know what happened in another week with your patient! You're doing a great job with Mrs. Lincoln. I'm tempted to go looking for the pattern and enlarge it myself. It's a great combination of pieced and appliqué, which I really love.