Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! Lots of antique quilts!

 This quilt top was given to me by my sister, and she attributed it to my mom.  It is not mom's, but maybe my grandmother's.  It is 1930's vintage, happy and fun!!
 Each butterfly is blanket stitched down with embroidery floss, two strands.  There is an embroidery flower that the butterflies are attracted to, in the middle of each block.
 This quilt top is so, so fragile.  The fabrics are gossamer thin, and the seams are coming loose in places.  It is all hand pieced.
 Each corner looks like this.  Torn almost evenly off, like maybe it happened at one time.  I will not be able to finish this one up, because it would not withstand any handling at all,  but I will ALWAYS admire the fragile beauty and joy that was very evidently put into each stitch!!
 Happy Memorial Day!  This butterfly is for Memorial Day...don't you think?  It is perfect!!  I salute all those fallen soldiers who have given so much to me, including my very life and freedom.  Thank you!!
 This next quilt is the oldest one in my collection.  Betsy Chutchian, a well known quilt historian and author, took a look at this one, and she thinks it is probably from 1860.
 The workmanship in this quilt is the very best I have ever seen.  All pieced and quilted by hand, it is quilted about 16 stitches per inch.
 I cannot show the tiny stitches as I would like, but it is truly amazing.  Some of the reds are shattered, due to the unstable dyes, with heavy metals in them, as I understand the fabrics were made with in those days.   It is a treasure, and was given to me by my Brother in law, coming from his family.
 This is a double wedding ring that I bought, I think for a paltry 20 bucks or so.  It has done it job admirably!!!  Very worn out, it has served and kept many a body warm and comforted.  I honor the unknown maker.
All the edges are like this...see where it was pulled on?  That is why I like those pull borders, even on the simple quilts I make today.

Happy Memorial Day!!  I will be commenting back on your blogs to thank you for commenting on mine, until blogger fixes this problem of the comments not coming to our e-mails...hopefully this is temporary.

Have a super day!!!



Cathy said...

Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs

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Loris said...

These are such lovely well loved quilts. I agree that they are too fragile to handle much. Another quilter has been doing some impressive repairs you might be interested in seeing. This one is from today.
We have much for which to be thankful.

---"Love" said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the butterfly one! Thanks for the link on repairing and cleaning vintage quilts. I have several from the 1930's, and I need to unfold them and let the rest a few hours and then refold a different way. I have used tulle to repair and reinforce the binding on one I've used on a bed since 1957, and the tulle works really well. Thanks for sharing your quilts. ---"Love"

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful quilts. Sadly, quilts do not last forever. I'm happy to see these quilts were used, loved, and worn. To me that shows they were appreciated and made to be used not kept for display only.

Randy D. said...

Both your mom and grandmother were quilters?? No wonder you are so talented!
Love the quilt show!!

Quilting Babcia said...

I love seeing these antique treasures that were so loved in their glory days.

O'faigh said...

Thank you for sharing Your antique Quilts I love them Julie precious

Ivani said...

What a treasure you have, so precious!!

Little Penpen said...

They are all so pretty, but my favorite is the butterfly quilt. I bought a butterfly quilt top from ebay several years ago, that I still need to put together and quilt. I am thinking it will be the next one in my hoop!

Lori said...

3 lovely quilts!!

Karen said...

I used to have a vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt. Used to see a lot of them in antique malls. I have made a few but they were gifted. The red, white and blue butterfly is definitely patriotic in style. I don't recall seeing one in those colors before in a vintage quilt.

audrey said...

Great to see these older quilt! Always an inspiration to see these treasures.:)

Kyle said...

Despite the condition you have some beautiful treasures. I'm glad they are in your safe hands.

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