Friday, April 20, 2018

An unexpected day off.

 I have been making some progress on this set of "Rainbow" blocks.  I still need to make the yellow ones for this month.  I find if I have all my pieces cut out and ready to go, I can make some real progress in unexpected moments.
 CHANTAL!  These two are for you, and the other two are for me...these are the fabrics I made the original blocks from. I made these this morning.
 A few more bow ties!!  Five, every night, is the goal.  Fast and fun...hopefully I can get through the whole box of cut out pieces this year.
 Does anyone know what pattern these blocks are from?  I know it was a quilt along...and I got behind and was unable to finish all the blocks.
 I like this little guy!!!
 And this one!!  It was a few years back...I know that much.
I found a piece of leftover carpentry wood on the ground, and wanted to make a wooden spoon.  Dear husband made this!  Isn't it pretty??

Have a great day!!



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great spoon. Fun blocks. I remember seeing those snowmen, but, no clue when/where.

Sherrill said...

Lots of wonderful things in progress (soon to be finishes) and WOO, DH is a wood artiste!!

Amy said...

What a productive day! It's fun watching what you're working on next.
The snowmen were a free BOM on the Bunny Hill blog awhile back. Ann Sutton has a pattern out with the designs now here:

AnnieO said...

Pretty blocks under your needle! Now why did Chantal earn two blocks? Lucky girl. Bunny Hill blog is correct, glad someone was able to come up with the name! Beautiful spoon, what a wonderful thing for DH to make.

Lori said...

That wooden spoon is fabulous!
How fun to have an unexpected day off!

Tired Teacher said...

The snowmen are cute. I hope you've been given enough information to find more patterns.

❤️ the wooden spoon!

Ivani said...

Cute Snowman blocks!
All other blocks are pretty and very accurate.
Great wooden spoon, congrats for your husband.

WoolenSails said...

Love the shades in the heart and all the blocks you have been making, you did get a lot done today.
That is a wonderful spoon, my husband cannot do wood turning.


Joyce Carter said...

All your blocks are fabulous Julie. I really love the way you are putting your heart blocks together.
The snowmen blocks are so cute. Hope you can find some more of them.
I LOVE that wooden spoon. Your hubby did an awesome job!

Quilting Babcia said...

The snowmen blocks look vaguely familiar but I can't recall where I first saw them. Your husband is a great woodworker, that spoon is fabulous.

Janet O. said...

You made the most of your time off! Wow, girl, you are never idle!
Those are cute snowmen, but I have no idea of their origin.
What a gorgeous spoon--hubby did well! I love hand crafted wood items, and I have a spoon my son made when he volunteered at a heritage center.

Teresa said...

I love those heart blocks and doing the RSC to make them is going to make a fantastic quilt. Actually, I liked all the blocks on your post!

Little Penpen said...

I remember those snowman blocks. Cute! Your spoon turned out beautiful!!

Loris said...

Fun progress on your colorful blocks. I remember those fun snowmen. And yes, it was a Bunny Hill BOM. Check her site probably to see if they made it into a pattern. Her latest pattern may be one of her best....although that one involving chocolate several years back was pretty cute!
I love the wooden spoon your DH made for you. That is a treasure!

terry said...

The Snowmen blocks were a free BOM some years back. I believe I have the complete
set if you're missing some.


co coya said...

Love the shades in the heart and all the blocks you have been making, you did get a lot done today.
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moosecraft said...

That spoon is pretty! I think he needs to make more and sell them! :-)

Vic in NH said...

Wow, your husband is as talented as you are with all those pretty blocks!

Kyle said...

What a fabulous spoon made from a simple scrap just like so many of your special scraps. I made the snowman quilt. I'll try and check the date for you.

co coya said...

I remember those snowman blocks. Cute! Your spoon turned out beautiful!!

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