Friday, November 10, 2017

Winners! and also some more drafting of cats!

 So, here is the latest cat block trial. I think I like this kitty better.  Do you??  Fatter and somehow better...except the white I used is sooooooo thin.  For my quilt blocks, I will use a better fabric quality, but for this mock-up, it was OK to use the scrap of white.
This was the original cat I drafted.  This one is a alley cat...kinda skinny and scrawny, and in need of a good going over and lots of love!  I will finish it into something fun, though!
This piece was in some scraps, and it had no letters on it...but I think it must have been "welcome", so I cut out those letters and will applique them on and it will be a finish!!  Hurrah!!
I had a request for biscuits today, so I made these. Buttermilk biscuits, and they were really quite good!  Very simple, and I found the recipe on pinterest.  The only thing is...they were really tall and fluffy when I first took them out of the oven, but as they cooled, they fell a bit.  Any suggestions?

And a cherry pie.  It got cut into quite soon after baking, so I did not get an after picture...and it is pretty good too.


I have been working tons, so have not gotten any big projects finished, but lots of sorting and such.  And speaking of that, a lady at the quilt store added some crumbs to mine, so I have enough to give away 4 boxes, from last post!!  I am keeping just the ones given to me as gifts, that are nestled away in my pretzel bin, because I want to use them all up!

Winners, randomly drawn!!  Congratulations!

Joyce Carter
Marga Pieper

Please send me your snail mail addresses, and I will get your crumbs of fabrics to each of you!!!



Libby in TN said...

Yes! The condensed cat does it for me. I've never mastered scratch biscuits so I'm no help. I have heard you need to use cold butter and cold liquid and that whole science of baking powder/baking soda and buttermilk is WAY over my head.

Joyce Carter said...

Oh yah!! Thank you so much for the scraps. I am so thrilled! I will email you.
I have no idea about the biscuits so no help there.
I definitely love this kitty. It turned out to be sooo cute! It will make an awesome quilt. Great job!!!

Karen said...

Yes, I definitely like the fatter cat better.

Kyle said...

Thumbs up for the fat cat! Much better proportions.

Janet O. said...

I think the new kitty looks much more cuddly. :)
"Welcome" fits nicely on that found piece.
I love buttermilk biscuits--wish I could still make those. I read recently that instead of stirring lemon juice into milk to make buttermilk, you make a thicker mixture using half milk and half sour cream. Works well for me when I don't have buttermilk.
Cherry pie is one of my top two favorites. Yum!!

Chantal said...

Why am I suddenly hungry? lol. Those biscuits look really good and that pie!! Too bad it is gone. Never baked biscuit so I don't have a clue, sorry.
Yay me! I won. Thank you so much Julie for sharing your loot with us. So generous of you. I'll email you my snail mail.
You have brought the poor cat back to health. It is gorgeous. Sorry we were harsh on your first try. We did it only so you can have a wonderful quilt and it was all done with love. Hugs. ;^)

AnnieO said...

Love the better-fed kitty! Low carb is not a fun diet to be on near the holidays! I had some cookies go flat too —I think it’s time for a new box of baking soda.