Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas is coming...

 Just a little decor in the middle of the dining room table.
 Here is the table runner I have for Christmas...I need to make a new one!!
 Darling Marcie Patch created this pattern for everyone to enjoy some years ago, and I made a couple of these small quilts.  Love this one, Marcie!!  You can still get the free pattern; please see below.

 This was also a quilt along some years ago, with the resulting quilt enjoyed for a long time.
 "And the greatest of these is Love!"  I love that bible verse, and I love this pretty pattern too.
 I have been wanting to make some stockings for my whole life...so I guess this year is it!  An empowering question is, "If not now, when?"  If applied to all my life...I would make good progress.
 I am making Christmas ornaments too...here are a few in progress.  This one is the Star in the East.
I made these for last year, so I guess I will give them out this year, since I did not get them done...and so it goes!!

***************************Nurse's Notes*****************
There are few things that warm a nurse's heart like a very, very ill patient who is well on the way to getting better. I had one such patient recently, snatched from the shadow of death, literally. What a blessing to see them get better!!! What an amazing miracle of God to behold...all these specialties coming together to help heal this person!! So many hard working nurses and docs and therapists worked their guts out to help...I am blessed to work with each one of you!


Have a super day, each of you!!


Quilting Babcia said...

And God empowers each of your fellow doctors and nurses' hearts and hands to perform his miracles on these patients! You are blessed to recognize that gift! Handmade ornaments are a treasure whenever they are gifted. No time to do that this season, but I wish!

Chookyblue...... said...

Love all your Christmas stuff......

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful Christmas pieces and wonderful story, a miracle for Christmas.


Tired Teacher said...

God bless healthcare workers!

Love all your Christmas projects. I put my tree up today, and I'm enjoying the glow of the lights as I type this. Life is good.

---"Love" said...

Your Christmas quilts and decorations are lovely, but it really warms my heart to read how you acknowledge how the Lord works through you and the other medical workers. I've had good nurses in the past, but none who would share their faith that the Lord can and does heal. Thank you for sharing that story. I always enjoy so much reading your blog. ---"Love"

Leeanne said...

Yes Christmas is coming...........to your house much quicker than mine! Kiwi Hugs xxx

O'faigh said...

Bless you Julie and your fellow workers enjoyed your Christmas Post

Janet O. said...

Things look very fun and festive, Julie!
I have that pattern by Marcie, but haven't tried it yet.
Look at all of those cute ornaments. You amaze me with your productivity!
Love your nurse's notes. We've been on the receiving end of help from many wonderful medical personnel lately--so grateful for those with true healer's hearts, like you!

cityquilter grace said...

gorgeous decorations....i too love that embroidery piece...mine's going up friday

Kyle said...

It's so fun to get the decorations out and enjoy things we have made in the past and then add new creations. Making just a few ornaments? It looks like a lot! I always enjoy your Nurse's Notes too. There are miracles happening around us all the time.

Karen said...

The quilt in your header is oh so nice.
I haven't pulled out Christmas quilts yet. Not much in the mood. I have lots of sinus drainage, laryngitis, nose blowing, etc. Just trying to get through the day.