Monday, October 26, 2009

Friendship nine-patches

Hi Friends!! Whew, I have been working lots of hours at the hospital, and I just had one day off...and worked on cleaning the garage out at home that day. So, this is the first sewing/quilting day I have had for a coon's age! I need to tell you a short story...a story of friends at work. There are several quilter's at the hospital, of varying experience. We decided about 5 years ago to exchange nine-patches. So we did...and I got back several different sizes, I think everyone sews a little bit different 1/4 inch seam allowance. Each block was very precious, but tough to work with. So, mine went on a shelf and were admired occasionally and always loved...but they just cried out to be put into a quilt THIS WEEK! So, I fussed around and came up with this arrangement. Although I tried to square up as much as possible, I don't think one corner actually meets...heee!! But I don't care, I love it and love my dear friends who made nine patches to be loved and used, not gather the quilt is crying out "press me"!!

By the way, these are the non-pink nine-patches...I have 64 more blocks, all in pinks!!

Sting piecing progress: I tried to separate the bright clear colors from the muddier colors. These are the brights. I am going to make one more row...That orange really sticks out, doesn't it? Hmm, might eliminate that one...

Wonderful mail!! My friend Joyce in Arizona spied some great lime green plaids, and was nice enough to share...I love them!!

And more fun mail! My friend Lyn at has a new business! She is a talented pattern designer and quilter, and she is selling her work. This is an entire kit for a lovely vintage angel, of her own design. Check her out!!

*******************************Nursing Notes *****************************

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't read if you don't want to...this was yesterday at my work, sad but glad too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The precious, grandmotherly lady lay in the bed, still...too still. Not a grimace marred her lovely face. The ventilator whooshed quietly in, out, in, out. The drips infused with a hum of a small pump. She just couldn't wake up, the stroke had done it's deadly work. A lovely daughter quietly shared stories of her courage, her strength, her love of family, friends, church. Tears shed, and quiet laughter too. One quiet tear from the doctor, who has cared for her many, many years. Nurse's too. Prayers from a wonderful pastor...a letting go and a healing. Gathered family had made a decision to let her go, to let her see her husband and parents once again. With no fuss, drips were quietly shut off; the ventilator's whoosh silent. Total peace and a tiny smile on her face...


Thanks for each one of you, and for each day!!!

Have a great quilting day....



Amelia said...

Julie, the 9 patch among friends quilt is the corners don't match like they are supposed to - but sometimes our friends don't match what we think at the time...but all in all we trudge ahead and the bond gets stronger...the binding on the quilt will be the bond to hold it all together.

Nursing story - sad - but that dear lady knew Jesus and now he is showing her around in Heaven...for that reason alone we must be happy.

Have a exciting productive week.

Nancy said...

Lovely 9-patch quilt. I like blocks set on point, but they intimidate me enough that I don't attempt it.

Surrounded by family, friends, and prayer is the perfect way to leave this veil of tears. God Bless her family and the medical staff for their love and compassion.

Loris said...

Awesome quilts you are putting together there! What a great idea to share blocks with your quilting co-workers...not sure I could get mine to focus. You will enjoy those nine patches forever.
The strings also look great. I like the orange one too.
Heartwarming story of a successful passing..with as much dignity and comfort available and a very full circle of love. I love families and staff that are able to do that. Releasing her into God's hands makes it easier. My prayers for those that stood by her.

Jackie said...

I love your nine patch! What a wonderful swap. We did one like that years ago in our guild. Mine all still sit on a shelf in a bag, what to do?? I don't think you should get rid of the orange string block, I love it right where it is.

Your nursing story is just that bittersweet. It sounds like she had lots who loved her and stayed with her right to the end. She was one lucky and loved lady.

Quilt Hollow said...

One thing about doing block exchanges is how everybody's block varies in not only color but as you found out seam allowance. I think the top you put together is absolutely perfect.
Oh...the orange just makes that quilt sparkle! It is your zinger, don't ya think? It doesn't look bad in the photo at all.
I'm glad you share...not only quilting but your stories of love and compassion.

Vicki W said...

What a pretty quilt and a sweet story of love.

Janet said...

I've never been in a swap where all the blocks measure the same. I do think people have their owm personal seam allowance. I'll see when I get my nine patches from a block swap next month. I love the string quilt. The orange one might look better on an edge. Nice story you shared too.

Stephanie D. said...

I hope all my blocks were equal in swaps over the years, but I suspect the early ones weren't. I didn't know about the scant 1/4 inch back then. No matter, it's the memories that count. And it's in a lovely setting.

Don't you wish all lives could end so well? One of my most memorable was in a small town hospital. The man was too unstable to be transferred to the large hospital 2 hours away--he would have died in the ambulance. Instead, his doctor held his hand at the bedside and "It's okay, Tiger, not much longer now." And he stayed with him to the end, as the man had no family. I wish I could remember the doctor's name.

Texan said...

Your nine patch is just lovely...I am trading nine patches with a couple gals now too :O)...

Your bright strippy is great!

I so need to clean our garage!!!

Debi said...

Love the 9 patches and the string..awesome! Thanks for sharing the story about the little lady...I hope that when it's my mother's time to go, she will go as peacefully.

Stina said...

ohhh...great that quilt....and the pink...:o)
ANd your new string quilt looks fantastic!!!!

Kristie said...

You have a very hard job, but I admire you for being so strong. So hard to see someone go, but it does make it easier knowing that they are going to a better place and that they know the Lord.

Love your quilts! Your work is always great! I'm sure you need quilting as a stress reliever from time to time! I have been pondering on starting the strings things! :( Like I really need to start something else! :)

Have a great day!

DeAnna S. said...

Great looking quilts. It would be interesting to find out how many of my fellow hospital workers also quilt. A block exchange is a great idea. Do you know if any of the others have been finished?

I'm an RN also and it's nice to see a celebration of life by the family and a new journey started when God call us.

Quilter Kathy said...

What an enjoyable blog post Julie!
Enjoyed seeing your projects and hearing the wonderful story of such a peaceful passing.