Monday, September 14, 2009

Mysterious progress

Hi friends:

Above is my progress on Bonnie Hunters "Christmas Lights" mystery quilt. This is being published serially in Quiltmaker magazine. I resolved to only use what I have in the stash...and the red print that pattern called for? The paisley print is the only large red piece I I used it! I think the print is from around 1989, almost vintage!
The alternate block pieces are all ready to put together, when I have a moment. I still need to trim the dog-eared corners. So, I am almost caught up. There is one more section to the mystery, and I will look forward to this. Kind of messy, but all the pieces and parts are contained in the blue tray. Are any of you doing this mystery quilt? I would love to see yours!
*****************************************Nurse's notes**************************
You all were so right, and I appreciate all of your kind advice to go ahead and give the little quilt to Carrie. Thank you sincerely for your input from a couple posts ago!! She liked it, and actually smiled! This is a big thing, she is still on the ventilator, has a feeding tube, is on a continuous turn bed. But improving!! Able to mouth words to her husband, makes good eye contact, Neurologically intact except profound weakness. She is off dialysis, too. Hurrah! Your thoughts and prayers are working miracles for this sweet 19 year old patient.
Have a wonderful day!!!


Patty said...

So nice to hear your patient is doing better and glad she liked your quilt. I have the mystery quilt instructions but haven't had a chance to start it yet. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

Danielle said...

Looks very pretty, I bet it will make a very interesting pattern! Glad to hear about your patient, the human spirit is an amazing thing!

Pat said...

SO glad to hear the encouraging news about Carrie. Your quilt will be wonderfuly, I'm sure, because ALL your quilts are terrific!!!

Debi said...

Great blocks, so wonderfully colorful. I have been saying prayers for Carrie for her to improve quickly.

*karendianne. said...


Oh yuuuuumy on the blocks. Love that red you know. Being a red girl and a paisley girl. Oh la, la.

And Yeah! Carrie is off dialysis. My heart rests on this bit of good news. Bit of good news... in the scheme of things, this is GREAT news. Very healing. Kidneys are important!

AnnieO said...

I am not making the mystery quilt but love Bonnie's brain--she thinks of things in a way I will never do! Your choices look rich and yummy.

So glad your patient is improving and of course she smiled at the quilt---it was made with care and concern!

Quilter Kathy said...

Fantastic looking blocks!
I have been able to resist this last mystery because I couldn't be bothered to work on tracking down the pattern when I'm so busy working on other quilts.
But I sure love the look of your blocks...maybe I'll regret my decision lol!

clare's craftroom said...

I love your blocks 1 So nice to hear about your patient improving !