Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Caps, caps!!

I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you making nursing caps!  I know many of you made masks, too...all of you are such amazing givers.  THANK YOU!!  These caps above were made by none other than my sister...she is 78 years old and has sewn over 1000 masks for the people of Abilene, Texas.  Thank you, Patty cake!  See those high heels on her caps?  She is so cute and just is always perfectly put together...those high heels remind me of her!
Diana M made these caps and sent them to us!  THANK YOU!  So very much appreciated!!!!!!!!  These are just darling!
Nancy sent these caps...aren't they so much fun?  THANK YOU , Nancy!!!  So cute!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle sent these caps!  They are so cute!!!  THANK YOU!  And already being used!!!  And she sent blue fabric, which I was almost out of. 

All of these help keep our hair in check, because we not only have to wear masks, now we have to wear face shields when we go into each patient room.  On and off with the shields just pulls and tugs at long hair, and also, the virus apparently clings to the hair, so all of us are wearing some kind of head covering, and it is required that these are washed each night.    


WE even have an anonymous sewer, helping us!

THANK YOU, everyone!!!!!!!!!!



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Quilters are the best; what a heartfelt outpouring of love!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh how wonderful! I keep meaning to take a break from my mask making and try my hand at these caps but it just hasn't happened yet. I think the fusible part stumped me as I would have to order some. I am so thankful for the kindness of others. And, I am especially thankful for all you nurses!!

Loris said...

Oh, your sister is a hero! These caps are all so lovely! I have more to send off this week to you. I wish the nurses to could have more than one to help with time for laundering them but getting them all at least one is a good start. Actually, I wish this stupid virus would leave. HA! We are staying healthy here in the meantime and pray you are able to stay healthy too. You are loved, Julie!

Susan said...

So nice to see all the beautiful caps! Thanks for sharing the generosity of the quilters. Thank you for the work you are all doing, too. The nation's sick would be in a real mess without all of you!

Lori said...

Do you need more??!!

John Grace said...
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