Monday, November 11, 2019

Dear Jane update

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Hi Everyone!  I myself did not get a Dear Jane block done this week...but I am working on it!  Annie did, though!!  Her blocks are above...and her message below.  I love to hear her thoughts!

From Annie:  

"Hi Julie,

Something different this time.  A friend in New Hampshire who knows that I’m tackling a Dear Jane quilt asked if she could send me a little bit of fabric to include in my quilt.  So nice to be able to incorporate some of her kindness in my quilt!    She and I have similar taste in fabrics, and the gold is from her. I’ve learned that despite the big manufacturers, fabric tends to be regional.  What my friend finds in New Hampshire shops is different from what is displayed in the few remaining quilt shops in Washington state, which in turn is not what predominates in New Mexico.

These blocks were pleasant to make.  The red one was the most difficult, only because those corner triangles are really small.  The next block to make is definitely going to be a challenge - what I refer to as a “daylight” block, meaning that it will require excellent lighting for my old eyes to avoid mistakes.  Take care!  Annie"

This one below is from Lyn!!!  Please see her blog here...a very pretty block!

And a Log Cabin Loonie finish!!!  LOOKIE!  and hand quilted too...this is by Els!!!

 Tiny blocks...
All hand quilted!  AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing this, Els!

I hope to have some fun things of my own to blog about in the next day or so!!!



---"Love" said...

Ooh! I love those tiny log cabins! That's a gorgeous quilt! All the other little blocks look great too. Don't worry --- I'm sure you'll have some to post soon too. ---"Love"

Chantal said...

Annie is doing great on her DJ quilt. Lovely blocks! Looking forward to see your blocks. No rush. It's not a race. Whenever your ready, we'll be here to admire and comment. Thanks for sharing that beautiful Log Cabin quilt. It's awesome! Take care! ;^)

Binsa said...

Enjoyed your post Julie you will get to Dear Jane

KaHolly said...

love seeing everyone’s progress!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing - haven't see much from you lately - hope all is well!

Lori said...

That log cabin quilt makes me want to go start one right away! Its a beauty!!

Stephanie D said...

The Dear Jane quilts are not on my to-do list, but I love admiring other peoples' accomplishments!

Loving the log cabin quilt, though! Maybe I will be able to get back to sewing by spring, and I can start one of those. I did make a candle mat back when you were doing the LCLs.