Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear Jane update 11-17-19

 I have been pondering my scrap quilts...I love them!  This one was inspired by Chantal's quilt, and one by Primitive Gatherings as well.  I plan 22 more blocks for it, in a rainbow of scraps.  I made eight new blocks scattered throughout this layout.
This is Dear Jane block G-8, named Justin's Comet.  I think it was initially made by Jane of eight hand pieced diamonds.  I chose to applique one solid piece, and then add detail with my quilting.  So there, Dear Jane!!!  One more block in the works!

Hope you are having a lovely day, each of you!!

****************************Nurse's Notes*************************

OK.  IN a place far away from you, there was  a patient who got mad, shoved one of the nurses and slammed her into the door. Why?  Because he was having a heart attack and the hospital rules say that if you are on a heart monitor, you cannot go and smoke outside.  She told him no, and he went crazy.   Well duh....

Fast forward...he stormed out of the hospital against medical advice.  Due to divine intervention, he had permitted lab work to be done just before he left.  Due to more divine intervention,  a concerned nurse who had just been slammed into the door, looked at his lab work after he left, and saw the greatly elevated cardiac enzymes...(they are not sure why she looked, because he had been taken off her computer list)..Due to more intervention...he answered his phone and yielded to her plea that he must COME BACK TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!  He did...he had an emergency heart cath, and then emergency heart bypass surgery.  He survived….and if he would not have allowed the lab work, if the nurse had not gotten past her hurt and called him, and if we could not have found a emergent heart surgeon....he would have been nothing more than an obituary.

Fast forward a week...they cannot get him off the vent.  He is such a bad lunger due to the smoking, he are still on 70% oxygen....and his heart is quite damaged, requiring a lot of support.

They look forward to see what will happen...when they fast forward.




Chantal said...

I hope you are not the nurse that got slammed into a door? Poor girl! Your job is getting as tough as a police officer!! Ouch!
I love that quilt so much, just last week I was thinking of making another one. Sigh! So many quilts, sew little time.
Great job on DJ. Once quilted it will look like it was all pieced. You smart cookie! ;^)

Stephanie D said...

Oh, I love that happy quilt! I definitely need more solids in my stash!

That guy may still wind up being an obituary, and a lesson. Lord, save us from ourselves.

sue s said...

Julie, do you or Chantal have a pattern for the quilt in your header pic? I want to do the RSC next year and I want to do this one!! Thanks to both of you. Chantal, I looked on your sit but didn't see a pattern.

KaHolly said...

Your RSC quilt is brilliant!

Lori said...

And the tobacco industry said, "Nicotine is not addictive" What a pack of bull!

Love your pretty quilt!! And one more Jane block! Whoop! Whoop!

Needled Mom said...

I love your rainbow quilt! That's a great pattern. Do you have a link to the pattern.
Such a sad story about the cardiac patient.

Janet O. said...

The nurse is an absolute sweetheart to look beyond her own hurt to the needs of the belligerent patient. Was that nurse you?
Your scrap quilt is so beautiful!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Well, if you were the nurse he was lucky, but doesn't sound good for him.

Take care

The Joyful Quilter said...

That quilt is going to be stunning!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nursing can be dangerous! In the old days, people were nice to other people, especially those that are trying to help them. I wonder if he will make it, or if all that will go to waste. Hope you are ok.

Karen said...

My quilting buddy and I have been talking about making log cabin blocks. We haven't gotten beyond the talking stage as we are working on a couple scrap quilts, an applique quilt, and dreaming about a bunch more.
Happy Thanksgiving, Julie!