Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making hay while the sun shines!

 I am making progress on Jeni in the Willow's quilt along.  Of course I change things up as I go...that is just me.  I am so enjoying making these blocks!!  There is no heart so far in Jeni's quilt, but a pumpkin instead.  I made a heart, 'cause I am a heart nurse!  I also changed out the original blocks for nine patches...they may change as the quilt tells me what it needs.
 This is my postage stamp quilt.  I am making progress...I have tons of "twosies" made.  At least five rows worth...this is a long term project for sure, with one inch finished squares.
 Tons of twosies!!
And this quilt...is one of four.  I am helping a friend of mine at work, to finish her grandmother's quilts.  Millie of Millie's quilting quilted this quilt.  Many thanks, Millie!!

And back to work for me, soon...so I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!



Karen said...

The heart is perfect for your quilt!

Loris said...

It's fun watching the quilt along blocks come together.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your quilt along project is so happy... it is full of heart! Your friend's family quilt is a really cool pattern that I haven't seen before.

Nancy said...

The postage stamp quilt is amazing. It will be fun to see it grow.

Chantal said...

Julie, Julie, always so busy! Love the addition you did to the quilt along. Beautiful heart! Are all the grandmother's quilt made of this very interesting block or are you gonna make us wait til the reveal to find out? lol. Enjoy your postage stamp quilt.

Lesley said...

Love your QAL quilt, and the postage stamp quilt already looks great as it grows!

Leeanne said...

fabulous! I really wanna start Jeni's sew along!

Vic in NH said...

So glad that you're happily quilting along!All the projects look great, especially the little new one with the nine patches and the heart. Why not put the pumpkin in and a Christmas tree, too?

I'm still keeping you, Nina, and Amber on my prayer list. Please stay alert.

Janet O. said...

Your QAL project will be uniquely yours, and that is always a good thing. I like your personal touches.
Always think I'm going to do a postage stamp quilt, but I never get around to making any blocks. This will be a delightful scrap quilt, all in good time! : )
Love the grandmother's quilt! Very pretty.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Julie,
what a neat phrase, to let the quilt tell you what it needs, I like that. You are again working away in such a speed, that it takes my breath away. Are you on a different time roster then myself?
Your Quilts look great,

antique quilter said...

postage stamp quilts are a long term project keep at it! great family quilt your working on. love that one.
always inspirational projects going on at your house

Linda O said...

Fun seeing your quilt along - love the personalization with the heart! Postage stamp is coming along and looking great! What a fun project to help with finishing quilts...neat pattern on this one!

Jeanne said...

I enjoy watching your progress. Such fun projects! The flying geese quilt is awesome, also.

Lori said...

I like seeing how you make the quiltalong uniquely yours.
Love the fun quilt made by the Grandmother. Nice of you to help.