Thursday, December 17, 2009

A beary special beary paw block, and Carolina Christmas

I am so excited! Pat from sent me this absolutely wonderful bear paw block. It is all paper pieced, and finishes at 6 inches. It is so wonderful...thank you Pat! This will go into my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt. Now I have a block from Pat and a block from Lyn. This is so special to me. I so appreciate Pat doing this, and Lyn too!
Wheewwwww!! Above are a whole bunch of blocks for Bonnie's Carolina Christmas mystery quilt. It has been a blast to do these blocks, and a welcome diversion from the holiday rush. Thank you Bonnie!
And here is my progress on the next steps...included in these are some very precious fabrics, plaids and reds from my friend Joyce in Arizona...who is a new Grandma!! Thank you Joyce so much, I love my friendship with you!

**********************Nursing Notes*************************

I have been working a ton, too, to prepare for the holiday expenses, etc...we are busy, because lots of staff is out sick and at last we are getting out winter rush at the hospital.

May I tell you of a patient "James"...not his real name. He was a construction worker, and in the 1980's, he was roofing a house...and walked right off the roof. He broke his spine, at the thoracic level, and is a paraplegic. 20 years later, he has also had a stroke, which wiped out his left side...totally flaccid. So, he has his right arm...and a wonderful sense of self and gratitude. He has been married to his wife Roxanne (Roxie) for 50 years, and he tells each nurse how much he loves her and how special Roxie is. Well...I heard singing coming from his room, and there he was, belting out Christmas carols in a gravelly, gruff voice, and in between he would call out "Roxie, I love you"!! Well, Roxie was not there at the hospital...and about then I figured out he was not quite all there mentally, but almost...enough to call out to his wife an endearment. Well, he just kept on calling out, so all the nurses started saying outside the room, "I love you too, James"! He would quiet then and just sing. We loved having him! Not an ornery, cranky bone in his body...and what a lesson he taught me about grace under the most dire adversity. May I be just as sweet.

Have a super day! How are you doing...ready for Jesus Birthday???



Quilt Hollow said...

Such a sweet story about "James". I saw the mystery top posted on Bonnie's blog...very pretty indeed!

Nancy said...

I've been following Bonnie's blog and saving Carolina Christmas directions as they have been posted. It is a beautiful quilt, and I hope to make it one day.


Hi Julie--what pretty blocks you are collecting and from such great friends!!! The story of "James" was soo sad--yet sweet!!! It reminds me of my daughter--she was in a bad car accident just before her 21st Birthday and she had lots of broken bones and glass cuts--but she had also been 6 months pregnant--she went into labor--but the doctors had already told her the baby had died--when i got to her 7 hours latter--she was still in labor (36hours)--yet everytime the nurses had to do something for or with her which you knew caused her much pain--she always smiled and thanked them--I have to admit--I really don't know if I could of been that "loving" at that point if it had been me!!
she taught me soo much those 2 weeks while she was in the hospital--hope I haven't rambled on too much--Hugs, Di

Pat said...

You are very welcome for the block and I LOVE the applique block you did for MY quilt! I was very touched by the story of "James" love for his wife and how he is such a cooperative patient. As for Christmas preparations, I am nearly done with that and can then devote the few days before Christmas to working on church music with the folk group and bell choir I belong to at church.....busy time of year for us.

Catswhiskers said...

Hi Julie,
Only this week I saw the Bear Paw block on another blog and really I fell in love with it... It is nice to see it again and that you love it too.

A wonderful lesson in living the life we have. Thanks for sharing this moment and to remind me that still there is a light and another star shining somewhere...

Stephanie D. said...

Some people can endure so much with grace and dignity--others make life miserable for those around them. May we learn from both.

Sharon said...

Your C.C. quilt is going to be beautiful. I'm going to start on it over New Years weekend. Love the James story, yes, I have more than enough to be grateful for! Even with the year I've had. I have wrapped and delivered my gifts for the "giving tree" in town, so I'm now ready for Christmas.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your mystery blocks are coming along beautifully!
Loved the James story!

AnnieO said...

I've been torn about jumping into Bonnie's mystery but will download the parts so I can play later if I want--no time now!

I loved your story about your patient, so sweet that he calls out to his wife and you all answer him back, very touching. My workload has increased too (I do medical transcription for a Physiology Dept), lots of people in the hospital with illness and that dreaded pneumonia. And, no, I'm not ready for the holiday!

Darcie said...

That's a heartfelt story. Unconditional love. I'm touched. Thank you for sharing that, Julie.

Happy weekend hugs to you!