Friday, October 23, 2020

Northwest x Southwest!!


A finish!  Annie, my friend, has finished her quilt!!!  I very much love the diagonal movement she achieved, with her fabric choices. If you zoom in to the center of the blocks, you can see the Llama fabric that inspired the quilt.   Yahoo!  This quilt will be a gift to someone in need. Annie's blocks are 8 inches,  finished, and my blocks are 12 inches,  finished. 

Here is the center of my version.  I did not achieved the same diagonal movement, so I experimented with sashing.  It is OK to make something different, together, you know???

So here I am!!  The grass is very green right now, liking the cooler fall temperatures.  The flowers are putting on their best autumnal show.  The temperatures are more moderate, and we received a lovely thunderstorm and rain today.  Love it!!

I chose a red inner border...and now I must go and purchase an outer border fabric.  Poor me, having to shop for fabric.  Maybe I will order online instead??

******************************Nurse's Notes*************************

We are hovering right around 20-30 positive covid cases at any one time in our hospital.  So on we go...I hope for an effective, widely used vaccine soon. One man on our floor is suspected to have acquired it in the hospital.   Wonder if I will have to wear a mask for the rest of my nursing career?  Two more physicians are ill this week.  

We have a 104 year old man on our floor.  He is very frightened and totally confused.  He kicked my co-worker in the tummy, and was surprising strong.  I tried to reason with him, but he bit me...poor man.  No harm done, just a broken skin.  He has good teeth, I must say!  He lives at home with his daughter, who just dropped him and left, saying she just could not do it anymore...she is 85 years old, and quite ill herself.  So here we what?  We have a constant sitter with him, for his safety and care.

Lots of drama in the hospital this week...hope we get back to regularly scheduled programming soon!!




Loris said...

Such lovely quilts by you and Annie! Good accomplishments for this challenging time.
Heartbreaking to hear of the increase in cases again and for this poor guy at such a hard life stage. My heart goes out to his daughter as I'm sure even without her own age and health issue that she feels broken. I'm glad she got some help though. Hospital care won't help his confusion but will hopefully find him a good place for residential care.

Susan said...

Both quilts are beautiful! My best friend and I used to always make different things together. LOL We'd start out on the same path, but diverge within 20 minutes. I have a friend now who quilts projects with me once a year, and they do look a little different, but mostly we stay on the same track. I don't think it matters for the camaraderie and accomplishing something.

I found out today a good friend was in the hospital and got Covid there. She's on a ventilator now and convinced she won't survive, and I'm trying to get her to have a positive attitude, because I know it makes a difference. You are such a kind person. I don't think you'll have to wear masks forever, but for a while longer, yes. Best of luck with your very elderly gentleman.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Both versions of Northwest X Southwest are wonderful! COVID cases are on the rise in my small town. The spike started at the university and now is in the community - several cases from my church where so many refuse to wear masks.

Janet O. said...

That is really fun to see Annie's finished quilt! I do like to set blocks on point, but I also like the interesting pattern your sashing option creates.
My goodness, Julie, I just can't imagine the stress you front line workers deal with daily. And the way people are disregarding the warnings is so frustrating. They put so many at risk, and burden the health care system while endangering those trying to help heal.

AnnieO said...

Love your sister quilts! Nice work on both of them, very cosy and interesting blocks.

How sad about your 104 year old patient and his elderly daughter. Hope he doesn't bite again! When my 98 year old MIL was in the hospital she had to have a sitter too, as she got very feisty and delusional.

Green grass and rain, what's that? We've had low clouds and fog but no rain forever.

Randy D. said...

The quilts are wonderful. I wish I could offer you a red fabric for the border. I'm sure I have one in my stash!

I can't believe what you have to deal with in the hospital. Being bitten and kicked? So many people getting Covid?
Please take care.

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Those are both beautiful quilts!

marina said...

lovely arrangements on both quilts! love how they can vary even though using the same blocks.
Sounds pretty full on at work for you. Very sad for that elderly gentleman.
Stay safe.

Jennie in GA said...

Both quilts are beauties!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How sad for both the man and his daughter.

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