Sunday, June 21, 2020

Slow stitching on Father's Day Sunday

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!!! 

Today is slow stitching day, as decreed by our friend Kathy!!  I am linking to her, HERE.    I have been hand quilting these little quilts.  The vintage star is from the 1930's, and it still needs some quilting in the background.  The binding is ready to stitch down!  I hand quilted through each string, and it was fun to enjoy these fabric from around 90 years ago.

The little Corona Cottages quilt is my take on a house quilt, for this quarantine time in our lives.  What an amazing and strange time we are living through!  It is hand quilted, and just needs the binding stitched as well.

The tiny flower is just because I love flowers so much...just little sparklers of happy, for me!! 

The rainbow quilt is just that. Binding is in black, which is the combination of all colors!!! 
So I am making progress!  Whoop!!

I am also linking to Cynthia, HERE.  She has all kinds of scrappy fun projects going!!!

************************Nurse's Notes*****************************

I have had a whirlwind in my nursing life.  I was floated from CCU, (open heart surgery recovery), to telemetry.  These tele patients are easy...few meds, just a careful eye on them, and all walkie/talkie patients.  In fact, I sent them all home on the day I worked tele!!

The next day, I got floated to an ICU unit...the sickest of the sick.  Honestly, it was really very fun!  I had a pneumonia patient (rule out covid...she was 28 years old and a horrible pneumonia...fever...cough...could not taste or smell.)  What does that sound like to you?  Anyway, she tested covid negative!  She had just had a baby 8 days prior, so I was anxious for her to get well and get home to her baby.

Another patients was a BRAIN SURGERY PATIENT! Ok, so in my 30+ years of nursing, I had never taken care of a fresh brain surgery patient, and I really had no business being assigned to that patient...but it was great fun!  He was a doll...37 years old...two INCH tumor removed from his brain.  Two drains from his skull, including a first time for me taking care of that.  I learned so very much, and enjoyed his sweet hUmor and love for his daughter.  Remember, all these patients are pretty much by themselves in the hospital, due to no visitors (Corona virus precautions). 

The next day, I was back on my home unit.  One guy on the ventilator was mine...until a patient developed sudden kidney failure, and I had to put him on continuous dialysis, and take my other patient too!  These are supposed to be one on one patients...but there was no one else, so I did both.  Happily, no one coded and all was well!!  I did not eat or tinkle all day, just ran room to room and back again!


I am off today...made a large breakfast for dear husband to celebrate Father's Day, and now I am doing laundry and sewing...and writing to you!

Have a lovely day, all!!



Julierose said...

Really cute little quilts--isn't it nice to work on little projects for a change of pace?
I finished off one of mine today...just had to do the binding...very relaxing...
Hugs from my home base Julierose

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, just wanted to let you know what a ray of sunshine your posts are for me. I really enjoy your outlook & I am glad to see you’re doing ok in this new world of Covid. Thanks for your contribution to the health of others. Best wishes! Elaine in Alberta, Canada.

Loris said...

Such fun stitching progress and finishes! So glad you can still sneak in time for it when you are home from your busy shifts. I've been praying for you a lot as I read of numbers of Covid cases climbing back up. I had very few brain surgery patients in my career either. I do remember my first burr hole assist at the bedside :-0 not as bad as the open heart patient opened back up for heart massage...a big no, no for the resident to learn! Amazing how much we learn in our years and yet there is a ton more!
We are healthy and I'm paper piecing cats this week...and next week...and...I'm not very fast. HA! Hugs to you and Rosy and to your DH!

Chantal said...

Your mini quilts make such a beautiful picture of colours. Enjoy the slow hand stitching after all that running around taking care of patients. Enjoy your day off! ;^)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, what a busy day you had. You certainly needed a bit of slow stitching to calm down after all that!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful blessing you would be in the daily lives of all those patients. Gosh, you must never stop! Thank you for all the care you give to those who are not well in these troubling times. Nurses are magic! Now....about those mini quilts. Each and every one is beautiful. I cannot choose a favourite....though the little flower speaks to my heart. Enjoy your day certainly deserve it!

Sherrill said...

Oh, bless you! My DH was a 4 time brain surgery patient (and thank heavens no covid back then..I would've been a basket case if I couldn't stay with him). Sounds like you really earned your paycheck! Thanks for being a great nurse!

Lori said...

Cute little blocks you have done!!
What a whirlwind at work!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The little quilt/mats are beautiful. I hope the new mom will be able to return home soon and that your other patients have smooth recoveries.

---"Love" said...

With all you have to endure on your job, I'm glad you find peace and enjoyment in your times of quilting. Your little blocks are so pretty. I need to make a little house quilt for these times too. ---"Love"

KaHolly said...

Your minis are adorable! Julie, I so admire what you do at the hospital, and your positive attitude inspires me to see each day as fresh and new. Thank you for being there for all your patients, especially now.

Janet O. said...

What happy little creations each of your mini quilts is.
Seriously--with all those symptoms that new mom was negative? How often are the tests wrong?
My brother is having open heart surgery next month. Wish you could be his nurse. :)
Each of your patients is lucky to have you.

Quilter Kathy said...

Such beautiful little treasures you are making!
So amazing that you have 4 on the go and I can barely finish 1 mini per month!
They are lucky to have such a flexible nurse as you who can work in so many areas!
Stay well.. rest lots, and drink lots and go to the washroom more :) said...

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Karen said...

I always find your nursing notes interesting.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lovely projects you have in progress Julie. Enjoy the stitching. I read your notes with great interest. You sound like besides being a great stitcher, you are a wonderful nurse. Your patients are fortunate to have you.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It is interesting how those in the medical field are being moved all around instead of their usual jobs. At least it isn't boring. Cute mini's!