Thursday, January 16, 2020

Little things!

 These blocks are a continuation of my project from last year...I have lots more cut out, so I intend to sew them all up.  I like them, and they are four inch finished.
 I made a springtime purse!!  Just a small fun thing.  I have friends who spend tons of money on purses, and to each her own, but I love my little handmade purses.
 Just a start on the bowl fillers...I have really no idea what I am doing here, and just made a heart and stuffed it.  Ha ha!  I will experiment with this idea...and peek on Pinterest.
 Thank you, Karen, for the pin cushion above!  I just need to whip the seam closed.  I appreciate you!
The string quilt that I have been quilting on is unique to me in several respects.  I have no batting in the quilt, since it is backed with flannels, and the blocks have a foundation of fabric, so that part is unique.  Also, the backing is folded around to the front to form a facing, not a proper binding.  I remember my momma doing this, and leaving about a inch facing on the front!!  So I guess this quilt is an experiment to me....and on I go! It is definitely a bit lighter without the batting.

One thing I would like to ask, should I expect pilling of the flannel, with washing and wear?  What is your experience with working with flannel?

Have a great day!



Tammy said...

I think you will be okay as long as you purchased a "quality" flannel fabric.

Julierose said...

Those little blocks are so pretty--they will make a lovely quilt...hugs, Julierose

Sherrill said...

Did you prewash the flannel? It's often notorious for shrinking more than regular cotton fabric. Looks like you're almost done with it, huh? Looks beautimous!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I admire your adventurous spirit-- trying new things and experimenting. "Pilling" will depend on the flannel, it's hard to tell; I've had quality flannel to do that and cheaper flannel not to. I think it has more to do with the nap and that brushing process but I just don't know. Time will tell. I love your bowl filler idea! A bowl full of loving hearts~ yes, please!

Lori said...

I just went to my daughters where she has 2 flannel quilts I've made- no pilling! Just very soft and snuggly!!
Love that you are trying new things with your quilts!

Karen said...

I so admire quilters who make purses. I have made a couple and not found it a lot of fun to do. I think it helps when you have made more than one from a pattern and have the experience in understanding what the instructions actually mean. I love quilted purses and almost always carry one.

Sue SA said...

I have not had trouble with flannel pilling but I guess its like reds that run, there is always that rears its naughty head in a life time!

Robin said...

I love the hand quilting with the pink thread. It is a really delightful quilt.

Cheryll said...

Well done on trying something new. Keeps the creative juices flowing I think... xox

Lizzy D said...

I love the little 4" squares! As for flannel I use it quite often And yes it will pill probably. The only flannels I've used that do not pill are Ralph Lauren solid sheets, Company Store or LL Bean sheets that are marked ''velvet'' flannel or ''long staple" Portuguese flannel. I was just ordering flannel pillowcases for winter and even Company Store, on their regular flannels says, ''due to the brushed nap, this flannel will pill." [but their velvet flannel dos not pill.] I guess just use a genlte wash and don't wash often for your darling quilt.


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KaHolly said...

First of all, you are very welcome for the pincushion! I’m glad you like it and didn’t mind filling it yourself. As always, you’ve inspired me again by trying techniques that are new to you. I’ve never kept a flannel backed quilt for myself, so don’t know how they wash and wear. It will be interesting to see what others say! A bowl full of hearts! Love it!

Quilter Kathy said...

I love the pink quilting stitches!
i don't have much experience with flannel, but the few times I have used it were fine. I have used high quality quilt shop flannel,
and which didn't pill at all.
I love quilted bags too and will never spend my hard earned money on a fancy purse/ bag!

Janet O. said...

So many happy little things, Julie, and so much of your signature pink! :)
I have used quilt shop quality flannel on the back of a few quilts--mostly for grandkids, which means it gets a lot of wash 'n wear--and it has been fine.
I am boring with purses--I buy one basic one and one dressier one and I use them to death. But your pretty one looks much more fun.

2ne said...

Nice blocs

Jennie in GA said...

Love those little blocks....glad you are going on with them. I have wondered if flannel is difficult to hand quilt?

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Those little blocks are cuties and the rest look like fun to make! Have a great week. Hoping to get to the Studio this week. Hugs

Lcrrkhs said...

if the flannel is the folded over binding, it will shread - in like 15 years. But I'm still using it on my bed!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of fun stuff, but I really love the Texas pin cushion.