Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring is definitely here!

 I have been working on this applique block.  It was scrunched up in my purse, as I worked on it yesterday in a vet waiting room.
 And a few bow ties, too...I have a zillion of these, and it is my goal to get them into a quilt this year.
 I must confess, I love to dig in the dirt in the lovely springtime weather, so planted a few flowers yesterday, and mowed the grass.
The iris buds are spearing up toward the them!!  These were from my mother-in-law's yard...they blacktopped over her garden a few days later, when her old home sold,  so I am so glad I rescued these...I love them!!

*********************Just something...what do you think?******************

I love quilt alongs!!  I absolutely dislike it, however, when the pattern or whatever is there for a few days and then gone.  I never seem to be able to get it downloaded in a timely manner, so I am unlikely to visit or get the quilt going...I wish that the patterns could be keep on the site until the quilt along is over!!  Why do they do that?  I have a house and sick dog and sick hubby and full time job going too, so it is sometimes a challenge to download!

Do you keep a calendar or something to help remind yourself of these?

Thanks!  Have a great day!!



Lori said...

Happy Spring! How fun to have the iris from your MIL.
As far as quiltalongs, I usually follow them on bloglovin and keep an eye on their blog for the upcoming pattern. And yes, sometimes I miss them too!

Quilting Babcia said...

We've had so many freeze/thaw cycles that I can still walk on top of the frozen snow in the field. There won't be any lawn mowing or flowers blooming for a few more weeks in these parts. The only quilt alongs I have participated in are Lori's (Humble Quilts) partly because I'm generally late getting started and she is sweet enough to leave all the instructions on her blog forever.

Karen said...

The free version of the patterns disappear so the designer can charge for it. There are some where the pattern stays up for the whole time and then disappears so it can be sold. Others disappear when the next block is released. And some generous designers leave them up free for a long time. I follow the designers either on Bloglovin' or on Facebook so I can hopefully see that the pattern is available.

loulee said...

I have tried Quilt alongs too, and have similar issues with missing out on parts. Now I collect the patterns, if I manage to collect them all, I'll play catch up later. Maybe.

julieQ said...

I am all for designers making a I will try to be more organized about collecting their lovely patterns!

Joyce Carter said...

Spring? What is that? It is below freezing here and the wind is blowing like crazy. Glad you could save the flowers from your MIL's house. They are very pretty.
Regarding quilt alongs, I try to follow on Bloglovin so I know when the patterns are published. When I see them, I just download and save to my computer. Then when I have the time, I print them out. Some people are very generous and will keep them up for a long time. Others sell the patterns so they will take them down when they release a new one.
I love the applique on your block.

Vic in NH said...

Can't believe that you have spring flowers there while we have huge mounds of snow plowed up into piles from the last big storm. Your applique block is very pretty and I hope that all went well at the vet's office.

Sherrill said...

There was an old house that sold over in our old neighborhood and everything around the old house was looking like retail. I kept tell DH we needed to go dig up the iris before they levelled everything and one day I drove by and it was RAZED!! Soon as he got home from work, we ran over and tried to find some iris (which we did). We dug em up, took em home and planted. Wished I'd brought some with me here. :-(

Sherrill said...

Oh yeah, I think I was at your hospital last night (if I remember right)

Tired Teacher said...

Thankfully the QALs that I've joined keep the clues posted until the project is finished. After that, most remove them and sell the pattern. Like others have commented, I follow the blogs on a reader and download the patterns as soon as I can.

Janet O. said...

Such a pretty applique block, Julie! Very Springy. :)
Did you do bow ties as leader/enders with Bonnie?
I know some people in our area have put in their lettuce seeds, but we can still get frost into the middle of May, so tender plants aren't safe outside yet.
Good job getting the iris. I need to go get some from my MIL's house. Love iris!

Quilter Kathy said...

SO funny that you had an applique squished up in your purse :)
I only do quiltalongs that stay on the internet until well after I've finished the quilt.
I think all the parts need to be available through to the end or I can't manage to keep up.
If it's a project where a step disappears when the next one is posted, I don't even start... cause I know me!! LOL

Kyle said...

Your applique is singing spring! Glad you saved some of those lovely iris. It makes them even more special.

moosecraft said...

Ack! Who blacktops over a garden?!?!?! So glad you saved some of those iris! I'm looking forward to will be another month before I can play in the dirt.... ;-)
I don't participate in quilt alongs....just because of the schedule part of it. I also have a full time job and a "sort of" part-time job and a home to maintain....etc. I add those quilt alongs to the ever growing of list of "when I retire"! But, yes....the patterns should be available until the end of the quilt along.... not just for a day, week, month, etc. After all... not many of us can "hobby for a living"... lol!

Wonky Girl said...

Hard for me to keep up with Quilt-Alongs, collecting patterns is hit-miss for so many. Found some BOMs and such on Face Book, happy with those. Quilters post in one place, its fun to watch progress and patterns are archived until a few weeks or even months after the end.
Also.... a pox on those who destroy gardens so willy nilly.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

For some of those, I've put a notice on my calendar, to remind me to download those instructions before they 'disappear'. Many times, they are free for a short time, then they charge for the same patterns. I'm 10 days behind on blog reading, so, I know where you are coming from. Life gets in the way at times. I missed an entire blog hop while I was gone this time.