Friday, March 16, 2018

Freedom quilt!

This is just a super quick, (not good) photo of my progress on the Cheri Payne quilt that Lori of Humble quilts is facilitating.  It is a freewheeling quilt, and you can make it just the way you want to...and it is great fun!  I have a lot of applique to do on the dark red panel on the top.  Just recording my progress, here!!!

Have a super day, each of you!!!



dq said...

I really love the way yours is coming together! I hope you have a good day as well.

Chantal said...

I know how much you like to do applique so I am sure you will have a wonderful day too. Enjoy! ;^)

Janet O. said...

It is looking really good, Julie. Good luck on all that applique you have yet to do. :)

Maxine Lesline said...

Cheri Payne does a great much to learn from her....color combinations..textures..and an array of unusual pattern placements. Eye catching quilts.