Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A more normal schedule.

 Here is where I am on Lori and Cheri's quilt along.  I am working on the Eagle block and the flying angel block.
This is a little closer view...since I drew my own angel, she did not fill the block well, but I think she needs some hearts surrounding her!
 I love her wild hair!!  See that fabric on her sleeves?  THAT is not fabric...it is really Wonder Woman magical bracelets!  Hahaha...I hope each of you got to see that movie, or the old series, so you know about the magic bracelets!!
 I am binding this quilt.  It is very bright, and each nine patch is showcased, because they all came from a swap with Barb from a previous year...and I love each one.  I am swapping churn dashes with her group this year!
There has been a lot of prep work, and above is a rail fence quilt, all cut out...and carefully placed in a clean to-go salad box, LOL!  I do use a lot of recycled stuff.  It is on my list to make a brightly colored rail fence for a patient quilt this year.
 Here is my messy box of churn dash pieces...I also use cookie sheets, and have a few stacked up with various projects in the works.

Kevin recently asked about my mom's improved nine patch quilt.  Here it is....I think that maybe those fabrics are 1950's?  Not sure...Mom was very ill when she make this one, but she was determined to make 2 quilts for each child in the family.  I love it!!

**********************Nurse's Notes*******************************

I have been trying a new schedule for the last week, and the next six weeks, as far as my work schedule goes.  I am working three days in a row, the same each week.  Instead of just being all over the place on my scheduled days, I am hoping this gives me some continuity for both work and home, as each is so busy.  Wish me luck!!    I am just not sleeping well...I need a change with that and also want to do better with my home care and quilting too!!!!!

Have a lovely day, each of you!!




You have been one busy gal--love all the blocks and all the projects you are working on--each one has a neat beauty of it's own--and yes,I do hope that doing the same 3 days each week for work will help with your sleeping and other chores--
enjoy, di

Joyce Carter said...

Great job on all your projects. You have really accomplished a lot.
I hope you get lots more rest with your new schedule.Sometimes just a little change helps.

Tired Teacher said...

A consistent work schedule will certainly help get your body return to a healthy sleep routine and schedule.

The bright nine patch quilt is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I had a job where I worked 3 days in a row, but it was different days and different hours each
week. I couldn't adjust and had to change jobs after several months. I hope that a more regular schedule will help with your sleeping and home life. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your new work schedule.

Robin said...

Oh, your angel turned out so cute. I love her hair. Everything looks so good all together.

Janet O. said...

That angel is adorable! And the magic bracelets? LOVE them. :)
Wow--that 9-patch quilt just sings, Julie!
I hope your new schedule helps stabilize your sleep and home schedule, but I can't imagine your quilting life getting more productive than it already is. You amaze me!

Lori said...

I hope that new schedule helps in all ways, esp sleeping!
Your month 2 blocks look great! Love WW Angels bracelets!!

Kyle said...

You've been working on so many wonderful projects. You've made the angel (Wonder Woman) and eagle in the perfect prim style. The cheddar nine patch swap blocks are terrific. Mine are sewn in there somewhere, You and all those who work in the medical field are awesome. You put in such long continuous hours and days and take care of so many folks. Thank you!

dq said...

I am really loving your Americana quilt. I like that your angel is smaller with more white space. I am working on mine as well and still undecided about the angel block. I may embroider her as well.