Monday, February 26, 2018

Schedule is a plus!!

 I sorted through all my strings, and sorted out the batiks. I cut them all up into rail fence pieces and parts, and also used some batiks given to me by my friend Randy (see her blog HERE). Randy is having a book sale right now, so if you are in need or want of some fun quilting books, here is your chance!  This is what this one is shaping up to be.  I am happily piecing these easy blocks, in between house cleaning chores.
 I finished the hand quilting on this quilt...and binding. Yippee!!  I use this blog as a record of what I am doing, so please forgive the re posting of this quilt.

***********************Nurse's Notes***********************
At the hospital, the volunteers make pillow for patients, for comfort, and also sometimes to brace an incision or support a limb and the like.  These are passed out weekly to a large number of patients throughout our hospital, and they love them! These pretty pillows are made of lots of fun and seasonal fabrics.   I found out that these pillows are primarily made by one lady volunteer...she is 92 years old!!!  I had the good fortune to meet her, and she is supplying a lot of the fabric and fiber fill too.  I am going to help her!  I am taking her a stack of fabric and will try to rotary cut these pillows...she is currently cutting the pillows out with scissors!  I think I can keep her supplied with seasonal fabrics to help her mission.

What an awesome lady!  Her name is Wadie, and she is so much fun...hope I can grow up and be just like her!!!  Isn't that so cool to be giving so much back at any age, much less 92 years young??

Schedule:  I am loving working a set sure helps my cleaning schedule and just to get more things done.  I am working the same three days in a row, every week. After 30 years, I think it is OK to just not work any old day they say, but rather kind of have a plan, LOL!!


Have a great day, each of you!!



Sherrill said...

Aww, that is so awesome of Wadie to do that. I dropped off another bag of my 'found' pillowcases up at the church today. I'll let the quilt group decide where they will go.

AnnieO said...

How sweet is that red and white quilt! Love it.
Cleaning schedule? What’s that? Lol
Definitely after 30 years you are long overdue to work a set workweek. Glad you’re enjoying it.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a great lady. I wouldn't work well without a set schedule. I'm a schedule person, for sure. I want to be able to plan everything.

Little Penpen said...

Good for you on the set schedule!!! I used to work every Mon, Tue, Wed night 12 hours and loved my schedule and job. Then we moved away and I never had such a nice schedule again.

Tired Teacher said...

No matter what age, it's important for everyone to have a "purpose." Wadie seems to have found one that fits into life at this time. One of my neighbors is 89 and has decided she "can't" do anything and complains constantly that she can't do the things she used to do. Having a purpose would improve her life, but she's not open to even trying.

Karen said...

I remember when my husband was given a heart shaped pillow after his triple bypass heart surgery. Came in quite handy. Amazing that so many of the pillows at your hospital are made by one person of advanced age.

A friend of mine (former nurse) took care of an elderly lady in her home. Both my friend and the patient were quilters. They worked on quilt projects together. When the patient had to be moved to a nursing home, she asked for fabric and scissors. She cut squares with the scissors as long as her mind and body would let her. I don't know what the squares were ever used for but it kept the patient happy.

Janet O. said...

Love the little rail fence in the batik scraps--do you need more of those scraps?
How good of you to help out with the pillows. That sweet lady is blessed as she blesses, I'm sure.
So glad you are enjoying your set schedule. I would have struggled all those years being tossed about week by week.

KaHolly said...

Your rail fence and red&white quilts look so great! You are such a sweetie to help this lady. She will be so appreciative!

Randy D. said...

Who knew that there was an elderly angel making all those pillowcases? what a fabulous job, although cutting with a pair of scissors would certainly take a LOT longer!
Love your rail fence (so glad you're using the scraps...need more???) and the red/white is fabulous!

Thanks so much for sharing your progress!


Kaja said...

Good for Wadie, and good for you, lending a hand. Your two quilts look great. I think it's fine to post lots of pictures of a quilt, especially when you've just finished and it's lovely.

Loris said...

Yay! for a set schedule. That really does help sometimes. One less thing to deal with :-)
Your projects are looking lovely and it's wonderful that you are helping Wadie out with her kind of amazing efforts. What a dear soul!