Monday, October 16, 2017

Starting two new projects that have been on my mind!!

So...I decided to start two new quilts!!  What a fun time...the start of a new quilt.  It is just great fun, isn't it!?

 This block is from Jeni Gaston's quilt along. It is called the Happy Garden Mystery.  You can find the files below, and it is on Facebook.  It combines piecing and applique, and I have chosen wool to make the blocks.  Four blocks are released so far.

Also, Cheri Payne had a quilt along, "So Spooky".  I decided to do this one too.  You can find the blocks here, on Facebook:  I think I might change that little mouth, to make it a teensy bit scarier!!  There is no pumpkin face on the original pattern, but I wanted reminds me of the pumpkins I used to carve with my precious son.

I hatched a plan over the weekend to finish some quilts that have been in the works, and also planned some patients quilts to make from my stash.  I feel really good about thinking this all through, pulling fabrics and ideas together.  Now I just need three solid months with no interruptions from work, meals or house cleaning to accomplish it all.  Anyone know where I can get that?  Haha!!!

A lady at work said she wanted a pink quilt...she has had breast cancer twice...yep!  I will be sure she gets one!!  In fact, I have one already off it will go to her.  That feels just exactly right!!  Thank you, each of you, for your advice and heart felt wisdom about my feelings last post...thank you!

Hugs to all!  Happy Monday!!



Danice said...

Both new projects look good. Looking forward to seeing them along their ways :)

Tired Teacher said...

Your energy amazes me. Working full time always drained me, and I had nothing in the tank to sew, knit, or read. You accomplish sooo much!

Love the new projects.

Janet O. said...

Oh, lucky you to have new projects to start!
Very cute jack-o-lantern block.
If you find where to get those uninterrupted three months I hope you will share the secret. :)
My Mom is in the hospital again with some heart issues this time. Wanna come be her nurse? She had a really bad experience in the hospital 3 years ago and now it is depressing to her when she has to go. This is the second time in less than two weeks.

Little Penpen said...

That's a cute little pumpkin! Enjoy your new projects and your friend will love her new pink quilt. You are awesome!

Kyle said...

You go girl! You're like the energizer bunny!

Karen said...

I have been saving the patterns for both but no time to work on either. They are both good designs and I will enjoy watching your progress.