Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Working quite a bit around here!

 Hi everyone!  I have been working a lot of days straight, so that is why you have not noticed me posting anything.  I did get the border on this little quilt.  It is the same as my folk flowers quiltlet border.  I tend to do that a lot...when I get something that works, I repeat it! Although this one was a bit tough.  The background and white borders were kind of a textured fabric.  It was in the stash, so I was trying to use it!  It was kind of difficult to use...and made the quilt a bit wonky. I laugh at the old time practice of deliberately making a mistake in a quilt...I make enough of them naturally, LOL!  This was on the list to finish this year, so I am very glad to get it to the flimsy stage.
 Isn't this the cutest quilt ever?  A very generous, kind hearted and loving person donated it, as a patient quilt.  I love it!
 It is all made of flannels, and is so snuggly and warm looking!
 Another scrappy lovely beauty...
 And a close up of the blocks.
 And this gorgeous quilt!!! 
 and a close up.
 And!!  Another flannel, soft quilt!!
 I love this block...isn't it fun?  Plaids make it sing for me.  A huge thank you, on behalf of our hospital patients, for these quilts.  These are being donated by an anonymous donor, to help share some love and comfort with some very sick patients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  They will soon be shared with sweet and loving patients!  I am awestruck with the generosity of this person!
Mother's day was spent at work...13 hours at the hospital, in charge.  Dear husband got me these roses...thank you so much!!

Have a great day, everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Julie such beautiful quilts,what a thoughtful hubby getting you those gorgeous flowers xx

Karen said...

Your applique has such a fresh and a bit more modern look with the addition of the checkerboard border. I like it very much.

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful flowers andquilts. The bear paw blocks make my heart sing.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sweet hubby! Nice quilts. Hubby and I made a hospital visit on Mother's Day.

Loris said...

Lovely quilts and such a sweet gift from a quilter for your patients.
The flowers from your DH are beautiful. I hope you get some days at home to enjoy them. Thank you for taking such good care of those nurses and patients!

Chantal L. said...

Love the checkerboard border around the quilt. It is lovely! Yes, I've seen more than one of your quilts with this border and they all looked good so keep doing it. :^D
Very generous Anonymous person and talented too. Love what she/he did. Congrats, anonymous person! Enjoy the roses. ;^)

Kyle said...

What wonderful quilts for a patient or two. Your checkerboard border just hits the spot! Hope you have a few days off now to play.

Leeanne said...

Scrummy quilted hugs! And still you manage to sew with all your nursing. xxx

Randy D. said...

Just love what you did with your "collection"!!! Great little quilt.
And how awesome of your husband to treat you to flowers after you had a long day working!
Love all the quilts that were donated!! I'm sure they will be delivered to most deserving patients!
What a great job you are doing!!

Janet O. said...

Such a sweet little quilt you made. You can put that checkerboard border on everything, as far as I am concerned. It really is a nice finish.
Wow--someone is very generous. They know you will make good use of them. Lucky patients to have you for their nurse (and not just because of the quilts you bring them)!

---"Love" said...
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---"Love" said...

What a generous donation by an anonymous person! Your checkerboard border has settled a problem I've been having trying to decide on a panel border! Many thanks for that idea! It is perfect on your quilt, and I hope will be on mine! ---"Love"

AnnieO said...

Love the checkerboard, it is so cheerful and sweet with the flower center. Lovely donated quilts, that is really generous for sure. Beautiful flowers--I worked six days straight until Mother's Day,and spent many hours with family, lucky me.