Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Saturday!!

 Good morning, everyone! This picture is for Elaine!!! Elaine is a whiz at quilt making, and she quilts her quilts on her domestic machine...working magic!   You just have to go and peek at her work and be inspired!!  Please notice her amazing quilting; you will love it.

Please see her blog below:

She recently showed a kaleidoscope quilt that is just amazing...and I remembered this one I made.  I misplaced a lot of pieces, and did not notice the value placement errors until it was quilted.  I still love it!  LOL!  I remember hand quilting around every piece and how joyful it was.
 A closer view of the hand stitching.  I usually have it flung over the door to the office, and see it each time I go in, but as time passes, it has kind of faded into the woodwork, LOL!  It was fun to take it down and actually look at it again. 
An anonymous donor has sent an amazing quilt for a patient.  This person's generous heart and quilt will not only warm a sick body, but also warm a heart with love and caring.  Thank you so much...this will go to someone who needs extra, extra, extra love and healing powers!!!

Stressful day around here...I will be glad when it is over, and a sleep carries us into a new day!

Hugs to all,



Vic in NH said...

Your old trusty kaleidoscope quilt is a precious treasure! I love the quaint old timey feel to it!

AnnieO said...

Lovely quilts! Hope the stress melts away.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sending positive vibes your way - thanks for sharing the lovely quilts (and yes, Elaine is a whiz!).

Janet O. said...

I have followed Elaine for years and love the quilts she creates!
I bought a kaleidoscope ruler years ago because I loved the ones she made, but I still haven't made one!
Yours looks wonderful--and hand quilted!! Great job!
Hope the stress is soon gone!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilts. I'm sure the donated one will be appreciate by it's new owner. Hope your stressful day gets better.

Tired Teacher said...

Fantastic quilts!

I hope your stress melts away quickly like spring snow.

Leeanne said...

Lovely quilt! Gosh what a sweet person donating that quilt.

Loris said...

This is a sweet quilt! Only slightly different than the wheel of mystery you sent me. I had never seen you make anything like it... now I see where it fit in your project plans. A friend talked me into putting the one I made in the local quilt show. My first time to enter a quilt.

Randy D. said...

Love the kaleidoscope quilt! I've never tried one but certainly do admire them!!
Hope your stress melts away!!

Karen said...

How do you decide which patient to give a quilt to?