Saturday, November 28, 2015


 I recently was on a road trip, and finished the applique and binding of this little quilt.  Kind of a crazy quilt, isn't it??  I do a lot of hand work on the road...keeping those hands busy!
 I imagine this will find a home as a table topper, and I am glad it is completed.
 A little mug rug, out of scraps and leftover hearts.  Don't you just love a striped binding?
 Closing in on finishing the hand quilting on this quilt!  It is my own design, and is a signature quilt from my son and DIL's wedding.  Just a few years overdue...not too bad, LOL!!
And my Quilty Folk inspired scrappy quilt!   The colors are washed out in the photo, and it needs a pure white background, so you can see the colors properly.  This one reminds me of the ocean...I always just thought the ocean was "blue", but when I actually got to see it..there are so many colors, from greens to deep, almost blue-black colors!!  If I lived by the ocean?  I would walk by it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Hope everyone is doing fantastic, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (at least here in the USA)!!!



Loris said...

You have some lovely finishes! Love the vine applique border on the little crazy block quilt. I am one blessed to walk by the ocean every day. It really is an amazing thing. The blues in your quilt are beautiful.

Tired Teacher said...

The wedding quilt is fabulous and will bring back many memories of that special day.

I love the Ocean blocks you've made. The ocean tugs at my heart and I could watch it for hours. The sound of the waves reminds me of Wyoming wind.

Heavy snow here since Wednesday and still snowing this morning. Right now, there is about 12-14 inches on the level. I sure hope the wind doesn't come up and cause is stuff to drift.

Lori said...

Such fun projects! Love the setting and the red for the siggy squares!!

Chantal L. said...

Love everything in this post. And yes, I love striped binding too. The siggy quilt is just gorgeous. ♥ it. Congrats on the finishes and enjoy "the ocean". ;^)

AnnieO said...

Wonderful, every one! I live by the ocean and see it most days, but don't visit it that often. I love seeing it change colors constantly.

Kyle said...

I always enjoy seeing what fun things you're working on. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the ocean and bring the colors back with you.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Wow Julie,
what a progress, congratulations to the beautiful finishes. Love the scrappy looks.

Janet O. said...

All such clever projects.
Striped bindings are the best. : )
Really great setting for signature blocks, Julie.
Way to capture the ocean colors. Will you sash those blocks in white?

Vesuviusmama said...

There's always so much eye candy in your posts!

audrey said...

Oh my goodness, the scrappy strings is looking wonderful! Love it!