Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilters are really the best people...and a catch-up day...again!

HI All! After a marathon of work, I can get back to home and blog and housework and laundry...and quilts! You know how it goes...Above are my Civil War blocks. Most of my blocks had red and blue for some reason, so I mixed it up with some other colors too. I am only 6 blocks behind now...but I will make that up, I hope! I am now using only scraps given to me to make these...and love it!!! Thank you precious friends for those scraps!
This is the current plaid cat! She only needs her black blanket stitching and trimming to size...and a good press! My mom used to tell me "Well pressed is well dressed!"...this little lady is a bit shabby then!
And Lyn's BOM, the Retro Nine-patch! This is the third block I have completed. So, only two blocks behind... I love these blocks! Thank you, Lyn! This is a free BOM and still could catch up easily!


All of you...thank you so much for sending pinks for the box for our quilting, breast cancer surviving, blogging, wonderful lady who makes quilts to raffle for breast cancer...THANK YOU!!

Julie L
Janet O
Sara H
Nancy S
Debi L
Lori D
Regan M
Pamela P

and there are more coming! We are putting together a wonderful package of pink fabrics for this special quilter...thank you for everyone who is participating!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!



Merilyn said...

Your CW blocks are looking wonderful Julie!!! I too am trying to mix up the colours a bit, to get a scrappy look, which I like!! The plaid cat is cute as is your emboridery!! Glad to see you are getting a good response for the Pink Quilt Lady!!

Carol said...

I have pulled some pinks and spread the word to my bee and have gotten some from them as well. More are to bring me some this week. Will have a package off to you later in the week. quiltinggranna

Annie said...

Your plaid cat is just adorable!

: )

Sharon said...

What a cute cat, I love the expression that goes with it! I love your blocks, it's going to be a great quilt!

AnnieO said...

Pink isn't a color I use or I would send some too!

Love your CW blocks and the plaid fat cat, so cute. You're doing wonderfully on your embroidery as well.

A Garden of Threads said...

Adorable kitty in pink plaid. Has been so long since I visited, a bit behind on the news front. Hope all is well with you. hugs, Jen.

GardenofDaisies said...

Your quilt blocks are looking great! I especially like the 'Kansas Troubles" block. I made a quilt top with that but haven't finished it off yet.

Anonymous said...

I view your blog every day or so and keep wondering what pattern you used to make the striped string (?) quilt at the top of your blog. Can you give me the name of the patten if you still know it? I just love that quilt. Thanks.

Karen W

Janet O. said...

Your CW blocks look so good--great mix of colors and excellent work. And what a cute kitty! Love it!
Glad you are getting good response to your pink fabric request. Worthy causes attract quilters!

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie, enjoyed your post.....I hope my little parcel reaches you in time....hugs lyn

Me and My Stitches said...

HI Julie - all of your blocks are great! The kitty is just adorable. Glad you received my pinks - I can't wait to hear what her reaction is.