Monday, March 15, 2010

I did not get to go to the quilt show!!!

Well, at least not with the DFW gang on Saturday...sniffle, sniffle! I wanted to go on Saturday, but I have to work a lot of weekends, so could not go. I will not give up! Someday I will be able to meet those ladies!!

I did this block for the Jelly Roll quilt along...all from one jelly roll. I mean, I usually don't use anything matchy/matchy, so this will be fun to see how it all turns out. Fun block, by the way!!
Just a hint...I am working on Lyn's hexagon blocks that she sent for rescue. These blocks first needed to be stabilized, as they are 70 + years old. Then I blanket stitched them down. will have to wait and see!
I finished the border on the little scrappy quilt, and I like it!! Done is good!

*****************Nurse's Notes************************

The Marine bypass patient went further code situations. I still don't think anyone knows why he did that, hmmm, hope he does not have to come in to the hospital again for that.

We have two little old ladies who linger in our unit, both on the ventilator, both unresponsive, both there for more than a month now. I pray they will be OK, poor things, and both husbands of 50 + years are so dear. There is quite a community that forms in the waiting room, common worries and fears, common prayers...they are quite a support for each other.


Have a super day!!!



Terry said...

Love the quilt along block! And I love your hexagon too! Can't wait to see how you put yours together! :0)

Karen said...

I like the idea of blanket stitching the hexagons down to a background. Stablizes them but also gives some definition to the shapes.

Loris said...

The blocks look great and I love the border on your scrappy quilt.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Sorry you weren't able to go to your quilt show. Maybe next time :-)

*karendianne. said...

Oh everything looks so scrumptious!

Nicole said...

The scrappy quilt is fantastic! Isn't that a good example of a fancy border just making the quilt?

Annemiek said...

Block 2 is up so grab that jellyroll and start sewing :)
I really love the little scrapquilt!

Amelia said...

The first picture quilt - love it...the colors are so pleasing with each other.

The scrappy quilt border just makes it ... takes it to another level in look.

You are such a good your patients love you.

Jan said...

Love the colors in your block! And the little quilt turned out so nice--the border just makes it pop! Those hexagons will be beautiful no matter what you do with them!

Kaaren said...

Your little scrappy quilt is simply wonderful, Julie. The border intrigues me and adds so much interest to the quilt. Love it!

Ali Honey said...

I love your scrappy quilt. The border is the best part, even if the most difficult.

Having to let your patients go home even tho that is the aim must be quite difficult at times, especially if there is an on going niggle that all may not be as it seems.
You do wonderful work with the needle and thread and also the needle and drip!

Julia said...

The blocks look great and I love the border on your scrappy quilt.
Thanks for the inspiration.
What a shame you could not go to the show..

Pat said...

Sorry you had to miss the show. Your block and your friend's hexie block look good and I LOVE the border on that scrappy quilt. Touching story about the elderly husbands keeping vigil for their sick wives. *sigh*

FabricandFlowers said...

I like your "matchy matchy" block. I'm behind in making mine for the Jellyroll Quilt Along.

The concern you have for the patients you work with touches my heart. I'll send up a prayer.


Cheryl said...

Great job on the quilt along block...loving those hexagons. It warms my heart the care and concern you have for those in your unit. They are lucky to have you.

AnnieO said...

You've been very busy with needle and thread--looking good!

A Garden of Threads said...

The scrappy quilt looks nice and yes down is great. I finish the top and then it takes months...possiblity years for get it quilted.

Janet said...

The hexagons are cute and what a treasure to have them. I love, love your scrappy quilt and the one on your header is fabulous.