Saturday, March 27, 2010

And the results are in!!

Hi all!

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the weekend, I am loving it so far! I mowed the lawn, and the weather is so gorgeous, it is hard to stay inside.

Would you like to see a very cool string quilt? Lyn at Bluebird quilts is making a string quilt for Heart Strings, she is a Heartstrings helper! Her quilt is just gorgeous...take a peek and leave her a comment, she really deserves it.

So, from last post...we quilters are life loving people who love to eat! I really enjoyed reading each comment about what we liked to eat the most...and here are some rough results:

1. Chips (maybe because I mentioned them, but hey, they are my top pick!)
2. Chocolate, Yum!
3. Ice Cream!
4. Warm cookies from the oven!
5. Pasta!
6. Fabric! Yep, me too...we don't eat it, but we are addicted to buying it, LOL!
7. Licorice!
8. Pastries!
9. Pretzels!
10. Sun sweet Plum sweets (these are sooo good)!

Anyway, I think that makes a well rounded tummy is well rounded, LOL! Not really, I am doing much better on the diet this week, but I thought it was fun to hear what everyone loved to eat.

Have a super rest of the weekend!



Amelia said...

All of the suggested foods sound great...but the licorice...have never cared for it ever.

Certainly not warm enough here to mow...temp got to the 50's but the wind was blowing real hard...and then started sprinkling about 2:00 this afternoon...not a very good afternoon for outside activities here.


I fully agree with the first 6 items on your list--and pretty much in that order--course it is hard to know where on a list to put chocolate and fabric?????
have fun today
Hugs, Di

Pat said...

Gee...I leave town for a few days and you do a post about favorite foods and tabulate the results before I had a chance to comment?? LOL

Quilt Hollow said... I have a craving!! Isn't it fat free?

Janet said...

All very yummy I agree but can I throw a healthy one in there. I love fresh blueberries with vanilla yoghurt.

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, what a list all great all supper foods. But mowing lawn is very far off in my world, thank you very much for that. Have a great day:)

Texan said...

Stopping by to make sure you and your DH are doing good :O)...

Was just thinking about ya :O)

Sharon said...

List...yes, all of the above! Hope your guy is doing better!

Adventures in Alice Land said...

YUM! Love your food list. I'd have to say that most of those are also on my list too!

I come via Freda's Hive and want to invite you over to my giveaway. It's my 200th post celebration. Hope I see you there!

Love your blog by the way.

Meggie said...

Enjoyed the post with all the quilty pics. Plus I love to eat chips too. My weakness has never been chocolate or sweets- it is always the pastry & the cheesy items!
Glad you are having some lovely weather.

bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Julie, I thought a few weeks back you had some snow.....hmmm I tried mowing the lawn for DH due to his injury...but gave up in disgust....unable to start the mower...I blew it on the first try...grin...and put a big hole in the lawn...DH told me to put the mower away before I cut my foot off....Chocolate is my all time favourite...Hugs Lyn