Monday, November 30, 2009

A real day off!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Are you doing Bonnie's new mystery quilt? Above are my green 1/2 square triangles for the first step. It is so much fun! I used about everything but the kitchen sink!
I had pumpkins for Halloween/thanksgiving...and they were still good, and they were pie pumpkins! So I peeled them and took all the seeds out and cooked the pumpkin, and will use it in bread and pies. Yum! Makes me feel thrifty!!
Another part of the gold/neutral selections.
This is my new faucet! Pardon the water spots...but this is a big deal. My shower broke! The little pull lever pulled out of the old faucet and was totally broken, so I could only take baths...only for a day or two. But I am so grateful for my new one! Great job, dear husband!!


Electric lights.
My washer and dryer
Clean sheets, and the fresh smell...and the sense of smell, period!
You, dear friends!!!

Have a fantastic day!!



Karen said...

I wouldn't know how to start with a whole pumpkin and end up with a pie. My parents never grew pumpkins in the garden, so I didn't get the experience then. And I never had the desire to try it. I admire that you were thrifty and did that. Pumpkins were in short order this year according to the news because of bad weather.

Pat said...

No mystery quilt here...the only mystery here is how I will get all the decorating done in time...since I'm way behind now. (Wish I lived close enough to eat some of your fresh-pumpkin goodies when you make them.)

Joyce said...

Love your mystery blocks. I decided to try making it too - am 2nd guessing my "gold" fabric though - it looks more like your pumpkins! LOL! It will be fun to see what the final quilt looks like. Enjoy your new faucet!

Amelia said...

Loved the list of the gratitudes...things we oft just take for granted.

You have been busy with your new has been weeks since I did any machine sewing on a quilt..just not enough hours in the day..

Enjoy your new shower fixtures...wonderful you have a mult-talented husband that can do plumbing too.

Enjoy the blessings of today!

*karendianne. said...

Mmmm, look at your yummy fabrics. I had a feeling you might be doing the Mystery Quilt and I'm excited to know for certain you are. I love the gold/neutral combo. Nothing like fresh pumpkin. It REALLY is different. This I actually happen to know about. :) Happy to read about the new faucet DH put in for you as well. Grateful for you and your day off!

Kristie said...

mmmmm...fresh pumpkin! I love it!

Your mystery blocks look great! I can't wait for step 3. I just love her mysteries.

Libby said...

*mmmmm* I can just smell the pumpkin bread warm from the oven - the perfect snack to keep you going while finishing up the mystery quilt.

ria vogelzang said...

I see you've already started Bonnie's new mysterie. I'm also getting started in the next days..... Have fun with your pumpkin leftovers.... Looks great!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Happy to see you are sewing Bonnie's mystery too! Isn't it fun?!?

Nines said...

Wow everything in your world looks wonderful!

Jackie said...

I have printed off Bonnie's instructions, but not sure when and if I will get around to it. Definitely not soon. So I am looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts in the works. Congrats on the new faucet, nice to have a husband who can fix it!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Great idea about the pumpkins! :) I am thinking about expanding my pumpkin patch next I'll have to think about buying pumpkins I can cook up. Do you have to grow a special sort? I usually put up my Christmas decorations around Thanksgiving time...what a good idea to use those still good pumpkins rather than throwing them out.