Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Celebration! For I am off work, and life is so, so good!! I love the library...for one thing, it is free, and we have a lovely selection of quilting books there. One of my favorite authors is Gwen Marston. She became a favorite when she wrote of Mary Schaffer, and Mary's achievements in Michigan and the US as a quilt maker. If you can get hold of her book about Mary Schaffer, it is a wonderful story and has oodles of fabulous quilt pictures. The above wall quilt is Gwen's design. I omitted a couple of large leaves, but the rest is hers. I need to add two more borders, but basically this one is together. Folk-arty! I love it. It will be hand quilted. It needs a good press!!
And I have Bonnie's Bargello Bowl above, working on this madly, which I have had cut out since she did hers last year. Individually, each piece of fabric in this is not so very pretty...but together, it looks so beautiful!! I think I will do one in brights, too.
Remember to enter my drawing below if you haven't, and hope each one of you has a wonderful day!
I have to talk about this a little bit...just worked several days in a row. This is not about quilting, so if you are not interested, please skip this part, but this is a diary of sorts for me, so in this little bit goes!! I had a lady (woman, I hesitate to call her a lady), who spit at me, called me all sorts of foul names, pretty much abused me to tears....I am so glad I only had her one day!! Her profession was a lady of the evening. She is my age, and totally oriented, just FYI. The next day I got floated to ICU, and had a older guy who was very pleasantly confused, until he got mean, pinching, kicking, hitting, spitting, any bit of flesh he could twist and pinch he did! Sigh, what is going on? I thought wow...what am I doing here? And then yesterday in CCU, I had the most WONDERFUL patients! Sweet, brave, very ill, but full of wisdom and peace. Yahoo! My hope is restored!! I want to say a word about the nurses I work with..there is not a bunch of gals anywhere that would fight harder for a patient's life. Just the best! Our unit has the top patients satisfaction in our entire hospital. Yahoo for these wonderful caring nurses!!!
OK, thanks for listening and really...have a wonderful day!!


Darcie said...

Is it coffee time yet, Julie?! ;-) Cheers to your day off from work. And how timely. I admire your strength in having to deal with uncooperative patients. Let's just hope that they have the opportunity in their life to right their wrong-doing. Keep your chin up...there are families that sing your praises...of that I am very sure!

I love the Gwen inspired quilt that you have in progress! And your Bargello! What a great way to showcase your whole life's collection of cottony goodness!

Linda said...

I love your folksy quilt top, very cute indeed. For someone who works a lot of hours you sure do get a lot of quilting done. I'm sorry you've had a bad couple of days at work.

Finn said...

It does sound so very horrible, and from working in several hospitals, o.r., e.r., delivery room, as well as doing post surgery dressing people sure do come in many types. Thank goodness for someone to so sweet that restored your belief in people. More and more these days, we seem to have a majority of the 'others'.
Your quilt projects are awesome. I love the bargello, and indeed they all good good together!! Hope you day off is wonderful, big hugs, Finnie

Libby said...

It really does take a special person to go into nursing . . . thank you *S* Enjoy your days off and quilting time - you've earned it.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Your work on display is lovely. You're a darn good quilter so I'm always happy to see what's cookin'!

And Julie, I love what you do as you reflect upon your long days of work. Somehow you manage to turn it all around into something beautiful - something about everyone else, the team.

You are indeed a lovely person.


Lindah said...

Dear Julie, Thank you for what you are doing! A nursing angel, for sure!
My very aged and very demented MIL gave the nurses a hard time when she was first admitted until the meds were prescribed and adjusted. I appreciated all of those ladies and men who patiently took care of her.
So, a big bunch of verbal red roses to you, Julie! Your work is much appreciated.

Kristie said...

Very beautiful!! Your applique looks so nice! I love the bargello, I made one like Bonnie too! I love how it turned out!

Kathy Wagner said...

Wonderful bargello developing there! Enjoyed your writing about your work...I can relate! Nurses are truly the some of the best souls on the planet!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I love the little Gwen quilt! I've always liked that one!

Debi said...

Your pineapple quilt is stunning, beautiful job. Darcie did a fantastic job quilting it. Now for nurses, I admire and applaud you for the job you do...I could NEVER do your job...I guess that is why I work with computers!

quilterpolly said...

I hope you have had a better day at work. Why some people turn mean is beyond me but keep up the great job:) Kudos to your team:)

meggie said...

My daughter works in aged care, & she tell me some of her elderly dears are so lovely, but some are so sour, & crabby. It is not quite the same as nursing, as she does not have to tolerate abuse, either physical nor verbal.

Love seeing your projects.