Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ok, frog stitching!

Hi y'all:

I first made this little quilt top several years ago. I thought that to put borders on, you just lined up the fabric and sewed it on!! NO measuring, etc. Well, I have learned better than that now. So, I have taken the borders off ,actually measured, and reattached. Only Three inches taken off the outside border, that's not bad, right? (grins) I did have a before picture, but it has disappeared somewhere in the computer...

Now I am hand quilting it in baptist fans, and should be finished soon. Just a finish, not a new little quilt, and about 3 yards used from the stash. It is square and true, just a bit rumpled from being in my lap. You can see the baptist fans on the right hand side.

I have been following Judy L's blog and all of your stash busting efforts, and I am doing the same. I have used around 9 yards in the last 2 weeks. Pretty good, I think!! Everyone is doing great. I also gave away some yarn and 5 yards of border fabric to a friend who needed it for a finish.

Have a wonderful day, JulieQ


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It always helps to measure the top first! I like your fans - I must have a go at doing them. I have a small quilt top which I finished ages ago but haven't put together, so maybe I should try on that one.

Marilyn R said...

I also learned the hard way the correct way to attach borders. My quilt had a wave built in it by the time I was finished.

Lucy said...

Julie,I love this mini quilt, it has the perfect feel