Monday, December 7, 2015

Turning Twenty Monday!! (Seeing Stars Mystery Quilt)...and the Quiltville mystery quilt too!!!

 Here is Step two of the Quiltville mystery quilt...all done!  A variety of reds, and a variety of backgrounds too...the quilt stepped up and told my scrappy backgrounds would be just the thing!  (What?  Your quilts don't talk to you?  How strange!)  Hee!!!

Please see the LINK to Bonnie's link-up here!!

 And of course I kept all the cast off triangles, and will create something from them.  Just playing, see above!!
 Here is Block Eleven for Tricia of Turning Twenty's mystery quilt! I love this one too...please see Tricia's websites below!  It will great fun to see how it all turns out!

See the Turning Twenty blog here!!!

See the Turning Twenty website here!!!!

See Tricia's face book page here!!!

This is part of the Seeing Stars Mystery Quiltalong!!

 Audrey of Quilty Folk is having a quilt along with circles, and I am in hot lust over her project....but the hearts are kind of winning out, just by a nose!  So here are my circles(hearts) for the week.  I plan to use every pink and every red I have, and kind of make a color wash sort of that is how it is going on in my little brain.  BUT!!  I reserve the right to start in on that circle quilt at ANY MOMENT!!
 I got to go by a cotton field lately...and I hopped out and grabbed a couple cotton bolls.  I think it is fascinating to think of going from this raw cotton to the lovely fabrics we love to play with.  The farmer in me just loves it!!
And this little fellow wanted to be sure and show his best features...handsome indeed!!  I showed him last post...but I really like him, so here he is again.

Have a great day, each of you!!



Feathers in my Nest said...

Units are so pretty.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The farmer in me would also love cotton bolls--the critter you can keep at your house

Quilter Kathy said...

Lots of fun activity going on over there in your sewing room.
Of course the quilts talk to us :)

Chantal L. said...

Great job on keep up with Allietare! I love your hearts quilt. I can see it too. I have never seen raw cotton in real life; I don't think we have that in Canada.
Yes, my quilts talk to me; sometimes they talk funny language or they just can't make their mind though lol. Enjoy ;^)
scrap dot and dot quilts at gmail dot com

Ranch Wife said...

I would have loved to join in on Bonnie's mystery, but watching your progress is the next best thing. Your heart blocks are darling and your little lizard looks like he's soaking up all the sun rays he can. Its gotten too cold for our lizards - they're hunkered down for the winter.

Tired Teacher said...

When I saw the setting for the Turning Twenty blocks this morning, I fell in love with the quilt. It's gorgeous.

Can you believe that some people actually throw the "waste" triangles away? Silly people!

Janet O. said...

I love the little star from your leftovers. No surprise there, right? : )
My quilts talk to me, but I only listen if they do it nicely.

Kyle said...

Love what the mystery quilt is whispering to you and of course, the leftover little bits have found their way into some cute already. Not sure the lizard is that cute though :0)

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely units for Clue 2, the reds are so pretty. Love the little hearts.

Vireya said...

I think the lizard is cute.

Lori said...

Great projects! It just so happened Bonnie showed me the finished mystery quilt. It's another great one!!
I've picked a cotton boll from a field too! LOL