Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is coming!!

 I have been working on these blocks...they finish at 6 inches.  Loving working on these!!  They are so portable and just fun to stitch. I am about half done with the lot of them.
 Some of these still need to be blanket stitched and embroidered.
 I found this little chair at my local quilt shop, and have been eyeing it for months.  So, I decided to get it and display my little quilts on it.  It is a child's chair, and it is just right for displaying my little quilts.

How is your Christmas preparation going?  I am about done here, ready for Jesus's birthday!!

******************Nurse's notes*********************

A smart little nurse practitioner saved one of our patients yesterday...yep, a nurse!  The patient was just not responding to what we were doing for him...she happened by the room and a little voice told her to go in there! She was on her way out the door, for home, after a long shift.  She followed that little intuitive voice, and found a very sick patient, having difficulty breathing and going into sepsis syndrome (severe infection).  He ended up transferring to me, his nurse in CCU, and after extensive treatment and tests, is on the right track to getting well!!  He really could have gone either way...He was truly teetering on the edge of life and death.  I am so proud of her!! you follow your intuition?  Do you ever have little things happen that have no real evidence of why...but you just follow a hunch?  I would love to hear your stories!!

Hope you all have a great day,



Janet O. said...

The blocks are very pretty. How many will you make in all?
What a great little chair! Perfect display. : )
Yes, I try to follow those little promptings whenever they come. Last year my Mom was having some kind of allergic reaction, but didn't seem very concerned. She had gone to her doctor, who told her to see her dentist, thinking it was a reaction to a recent treatment he had done. The dentist didn't think it had anything to do with his treatment, so Mom was just going to let it go. I had a nagging feeling that it wasn't good. I called an allergy clinic and talked to them about her symptoms. They squeezed her into their schedule and I took her in. By the time she was in their office her tongue was swelling, her face was swelling, and we were not a moment too soon. She spent the night in the hospital, having had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.
Thank Heaven, literally, for those little "nudges"!

Sue SA said...

Yes I follow my "gut instinct" and it is something my employer encourages me to do!
Love the little chair, very sweet! Blocks are going well, you will have another quilt ready in no time!

mkhquilts said...

Those floral blocks are CUTE, cute, cute!!!So is the little chair. I used to have a little chair that was painted blue and had a wicker seat. Too bad I didn't hold on to it!
Like most nurses, I have an instinct about some patients, esp the confused ones that are unsafe by themselves. I have caught so many of them crawling out of bed without assistance and risking a fall!

Nancy said...

So glad to hear your patient is doing well and that the nurse listened to her inner voice. I strongly believe there are no coincidences in life - everything happens for a purpose.

Love the little chair: it is perfect for displaying your minis.

Leeanne said...

Love the wee chair & of course the quilts. you are going well with the little blocks.
Yes it pays to listen to your intuition or gut feelings. This what I have taught my kids too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have a wonderful friend (out of state), that is older than my parents, and I usually call her on Mother's Day. Several years ago, I was going to call her, but, that voice kept telling me to wait a while longer. Then, late that afternoon, that voice told me to dial the phone. When she picked up the phone, all she said was 'I can't breath, I can't breath' then hung up. I yelled for hubby, and he called the 911 for that area, while I contacted her daughter, that lives a few miles from her (thank goodness I had a number for her). The next day her daughter called me back. Her mother had been on deaths door, and still wasn't doing well, but, they hoped she might get better, now that she was in the hospital. She has never fully recovered, but, she credits me with saving her life. I just keep telling her that God told me when to call, it wasn't me. I got to see her this past weekend, as we drove thru Oklahoma.

Lori said...

The little chair is adorable with the quilts!! You are making amazing progress on the small applique block, way to go!

When the kids were little I remember the pediatrician telling me to listen to my gut instinct, that moms were usually right. You don't hear that much nowadays!

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

God bless both caring nurses and talented quilters.

Quilter Kathy said...

I always follow my intuition. Even when it is not logical! It gets me into lots of quilty trouble and makes for a happy crazy life!

LuAnn said...

Love those cute blocks. They look like a lot of fun to do. Cute display for your little quilts, too.

Karen said...

Since only half of the applique blocks are done, I guess I won't be getting that quilt for Christmas this year. They are for me, aren't they? LOL! I like working on smaller size applique blocks. They tend to stitch up faster.