Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cleaning here...how about you?

 Now there are twelve of these blocks.  I have a setting in mind, and will try to work on that today.  Mostly, though, I am cleaning and dusting and organizing today.  Ironing and laundry is already done. Yahoo!
 A few more plaid blocks have been made.  I have 50 more to make.  Luckily, they are so mindless, and go really fast! I love making them...looks a little cacophonous at this point.  If you squint, you can see the rail fence pattern better...at least that is what I tell myself!
Just wanted to show you our new light fixture that dear husband installed.  It is really a pretty thing, much dressier than the old one, and we found it at Costco, of all places!!  A nice change after a thirty year run with the old one.

***********************Nurse's notes************************

Well, we have a new group of Versant residents starting on our floor...new nurses.  I have not one, but two of them this time.  I sure hope I can do a great job with them...it is hard to slow down and teach sometimes. I am very well aware of this in myself, so am trying extra hard to do a great job.   I am sure you all know what I mean, if you have taught anything.  So I am saying prayers of peace, and learning, and patience with teaching for me and this group of new nurses!  They are coming right into critical care from school, which is hard...kind of like diving in at the deep end of the pool, and not knowing how to swim...hopefully I can help them get a great start!

It is hard when a patient comes in, quite young, code blue...and does not make it due to his own ingestion/ bad habits.  It is harder still when the wife does not know a thing about it...and hard too on the young nurse who is there, supporting the whole family...great job, R...I am so proud of you!!  Prayers for this family...




Missy Shay said...

What a beautiful chandelier!

Janet O. said...

Both of these quilts are wonderful scrappy things! I love them.
Pretty new fixture. You must have a nice formal dining room.
Your nurses notes make me realize so much more about the challenges of nursing. I am grateful for your insights. I tried to be really nice to my nurses when I had surgery last fall, thinking of all your stories.

Debi said...

Love your blocks, and what a majestic chandelier. Wishing you could join us in April for sewing date.

Sharon said...

Love the applique on the blocks, yes, I see the rail fence and WOW is that fixture stunning.
You will do great teaching the next round of nurses, there was a student on the rounds the day my DH passed away, I'm sure she was very glad to have a test that afternoon, as she could hardly make it through the a.m. rounds with my ICU nurse, knowing DH was going to pass away that day and nothing could be done.

Taryn said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with your 12 blocks. I love them! I also enjoy your nurse notes - the nurses usually keep me sane when I am forced to face mortality from time to time.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the top quilt......and the chandelier looks wonderful........I am glad I am not a nurse.....

Wonky Girl said...

Gosh, when I was in school and even after graduation the nurses who were to train us hated that part of their job. They made it very clear.
I remember reading an article back then titled "Do Nurses Eat Their Young"? LOL Hope things have changed! I also hope the ones under your wings someday realize how lucky they were to be under your tutelage.

paulette said...

Julie, you are a great teacher...I can just tell!! Your students are so lucky to have you!
Your quilts are looking fabulous!

Kim said...

Nursing is never easy but so hard when you are a beginner. I know they are in good hands with you, I hope your prayers are answered. Please remind them to try to treat their patients with as much kindness as they can since most patients are not at their very best while in the hospital.

Love your creations, Happy Sewing

Barb said...

love your honey bee blocks and the plaid blocks are so wonderful and warm.
Pretty chandelier!
Loved your nurses note - good luck with your students and sorry to hear about the young man.

Merilyn said...

Quite a lovely chandelier!!The Honey Bee blocks are looking great too, you have been busy!!
We have students come through our Dept during their Practicums, as well as fresh Graduates I always enjoy mentoring and teaching them, although it can slow you down a bit, but we were all in that situation once ourselves and were given the time and support, now it's our turn to give back. I also did a Preceptors course a few years ago which really helped me to help the younger ones coming through.

Sarah said...

I love your new chandelier! Isn't it funny how they've come back into fashion and classy looking ones can be found at reasonable prices these days? I love reading your nurses notes. I am not a nurse and know I could never do that job so I find your anecdotes interesting and admire the person you are to do this job. I am a high school teacher and you are right; we do have to slow down and remember what level our students are at. I'm teaching Year 12s this year and /i have to remind myself they are 17 and not expect adult insight from them always.

Tazzie said...

Love your chandelier Julie, it's just gorgeous!