Monday, May 3, 2010

Growth...3 inches at a time.

This is how many spools I have...about 120 so far. I like these, fun, easy, and just little and cute! They are 3 inch finished size. Joan, do you recognize your blocks?
This quilt is one that I really love, and is the reason (one of them), that I do not have any 1 1/2 inch strips left in my bin. As I have more strips leftover and cut this width, I will make more rail fence blocks, so this will be a work in progress. The blocks finish at 3 inches. I love reminds me so much of what my mom would work on when she was quilting. The zig-zags are hard for me to see unless I am far away, but in the picture, I can see them well.
I am glad I have a helper too! Rosie wants to get in on the action. She is such a little blessing, I am so glad she wandered into our lives.

Pat and I have been remembering our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilts in progress. I took her advice and cut out a couple blocks, then I could just have the fun of putting them together. I paper pieced, Pat!!! amazing, isn't it...only about 6 messed up places, and I was done, LOL! Maybe it is getting easier? I sure use a lot of fabric doing paper piecing, do any of you? Pat made the tiny bear paw block, and Lyn made the pretty hexagon block.
This is my December/January table runner; I have only had the kit (gulp) five years. Time to geterdun! And it is finished.
Blanket stitching around the stars, this was really great fun. I love blanket stitching! Please pay no attention to the quilting...I just can't do machine quilting on my machine! Sigh....dear Amelia has a possible solution for me, so I can have a better chance at success.

*******Weight Watchers update*******

14 pounds gone so far, about a pound a week. I am signing up again for another 13 weeks...and hopefully can get to my goal this time.


We went out to eat the other evening, and there was a giant of a man there at the door to greet us. What made him intriguing is that he must have been almost 7 feet tall, and had on a huge lime green PLAID shirt...I just wanted to snatch that shirt and run! I bet there was 2 yards of fabric there......

*****Please remember in your thoughts and prayers*****

My quilting friend Pam from the hospital is in the hospital with a bowel obstruction...not good!!

My friend Joyce in Arizona just lost her dear sister very unexpectedly, I am so sorry Joyce.

Eileen of my quilting porch lost her dear husband of 61 years, after a long illness, and caring for him almost continuously.

Each of you, you are in my prayers and thoughts, and I pray for healing and peace for you!


Have a great day all!!



Amelia said...

Rosie is so cute...she has become your number one quilt inspector.

I just prayed for all on your list...our God is the great physician.

Have a great week....package will be going this week.

Linda_J said...

Oh you have a quilt helper as well? That silly Skyler has taken to climbing up on the sewing table. I HAVE to stop sewing but I think he thinks he can bite the thread while he is up there.

I love those rails set block to block. I do those as an ongoing thing but not as small as yours! None left? That might be one's goal but I didn't think it was possible. Are you using them in the spool block centers too?

Sharon said...

Your spools look fantastic. I'm loving quilts that are composed of a vast array of fabrics. This one is no exception. Sorry to hear about your friends. We have to remember we don't know what battles others are fighting every day, so we need to be kind.

*karendianne. said...

Oh friend, Rose is too cute for words. I love seeing her there working with you!!! Your spools are fantastic, too. Oh and that rail fence is tooooo-diiiieeee-forrrr!!! LOOOOOVVVEEEE it. (getting my vibe across?)

Sue-Anne said...

Your spools look wonderful and so does your rail fence. A great way to use up scraps.
Your Bridal Sampler blocks are gorgeous too.
I am so pleased Rosie has settled in and I am thinking of your friends that are going through troubled times.

Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear of all the troubles your friends are having. Life can be so hard at times. As for the other things you showed us, just let me say I love them all. I do need to get moving on the SBS blocks......I'm proud of you for tackling that paper-piecing. It gets easier with practice! And...what is the plan Amelia has so you can do better machine quilting? (although I think yours looks fine)

Barb said...

YOu showed us some awfully good eye candy today.

Yes, your friends will be in my prayers...


I am praying for you and your friends--may all find healing and peace!
Love your quilts--but that 'helper' is to die for!!! so give him an extra treat and a hug!!
Hugs, Di

Karen said...

Your Klosjes are just adorable. I have got to get started. Thanks for sharing. What is it about animals and quilts. My cat Rodger loves ALL my projects and is my helper. :)

Darlene said...

Your friends are on my prayer list tonight!

Julie - always so much wonderful eye candy when I visit. Love your spools and everything you're showing.

Leeanne said...

Don't you just love helpers!!!The spools look fabulous....very cute.

Loris said...

Rosie is doing an excellent job! Perhaps she's had experience with 'quilting' :-)
Thoughts and prayers for your dear friends.

Fiona said...

The spools are looking excellent - and I love the rail fence quilt.

Janet said...

If only Rosie could talk, I wonder why such a lovely dog ended up a stray. I see she's your main helper now. The quilts are looking fantastic, love them both. It's sad news you had to share, I'm so sorry for your friends.

ria vogelzang said...

Such great pictures in your post!
Love your quilt-projects!
And I'm sorry to hear about your friends and their grief. I will say a prayer for them.
Have a good week.

retdairyqueen said...

Hello Just popped in for a visit
I love your nursing stories

katrien said...

What a lovely works you are working on.

Deanna said...

I'll say it again: I really like your use of color. Somehow everything works.

Lori said...

Wow! So much beauty and fun in one post. Rosie is a sugar and I'm glad she's fitting right in. Looks like she is doing the appropiate dog thing and getting right in the middle of your wonderful blocks.:) I am loving the rail fance!!
You are making great progress on the spool blocks too.

Elaine Adair said...

Your rail fence is delightful! And timing is perfect for me as I'm wanting to make one with my 1 1/2 in strips! And what's with the spools - I'm making them also, and have about 16, although mine are larger.

Are we related ya think? LOL

House of Mouse said...

Julie...I am coming this time I mean it...don't leave the doors unlocked, because I am a coming! LOL I love seeing everything you do and that little Rosie is just too precious. Everything you do I just love. Have a great week.


Quilt Hollow said...

So much going on at yours between friendship and quilts. The spools...let's just say I want those! Love your helper..such a sweetie!!

Lappetausa said...

Julie, I love your spools! Now I have made 4 blocks...and I want to make many! Will make a blog post soon.

Darcie said...

Look at those Spools! Oh my, you're a fast worker!

Love that Rosie is bringing so much joy to you. And sweet memories of your Mom and her sewing skills: Perfect thoughts for the upcoming Mother's Day.

Great job with the WW!!! I know you will reach your goal!

Happy Wednesday, girlfriend!