Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plaid Progression

Close up of some of the Plaid quilt blocks. Really, it just needs pressing, it is not as wonky as it looks!!

All the nine patches and corner stones are made, and now I am just working on plaid sting blocks. Each block takes about seven minutes to make...pretty fast, huh?

I received the most wonderful birthday present! This is from Lyn at I was so excited to see a package on the front step yesterday!!

Then all these lovely gifts. I sure am spoiled, don't you agree??

Lookeee! What a gorgeous quilt! Thank you Lyn, so much! I just love it!

OK, I don't know how to turn the picture...but please take a look at this lovely doll stand and doll dress. So very cute, and impeccably made.

And a wonderful antique drawer (Lyn, my scissors go in here), and a wonderful Chatelaine too. A needle case, thimble holder, scissors holder and pin cushion. It is just beautiful! Thank you so much, dear Lyn!!

And below is the post I started to write with no pictures...sorry so long today! Guess I am a long winded old gal.

Good morning to you!

I have been working on the plaid quilt I have been posting about recently, and here is my progress. I can truly say that this quilt is bringing me so much pleasure and fun. Most of these fabrics are cast-offs, fabrics that have been given to me at one time or another, or deemed too direction or otherwise not up to snuff for other projects. I am loving this! I have learned a thing or two:

1. The strips, since these are small blocks, need to be fairly narrow, to better match the gauge of the cornerstone nine patches. I tried bigger strips, and the blocks just do not look as good.
2. Smaller strips of the plaids focuses the attention on the color, rather than the pattern of the plaid, and don't stretch as much.
3. A few of my plaids are not really plaids, but just plaid printed fabric. I like the woven plaids, because they are reversible.
3. I looked up Highland Tartans, to see if any of the fabrics I was working with were authentic Scottish patterns. I learned that the fabric back in the old-time Scottish days was all wool, not cotton as I am using, and that each clan had their own pattern. There are several wonderful websites with information about authentic plaids if you just look up Scottish Tartan. Does your family have a plaid pattern? Would love to hear from Scots who actually have a pattern!
I know many of you know more about real plaids than to share your expertise? I would love to know more.


Re-using these old shirt and given-to-me fabrics, recycling.
Anticipation of lunch out.
Plaid progress!



Loris said...

Love, love, love the plaid progression!
And Happy little quilt you received! Have a great celebration :-)

Vicki W said...

The plaid is looking awesome!

em's scrapbag said...

Happy Birthday! Lyn is such a sweetheart. I Love how your quilt is coming along. Very beautiful.

Darlene said...

Your plaid quilt is terrific - great progress!

Happy Birthday to you, Julie - I hope you had a wonderful day!

Terry said...

Your plaid quilt is going to be beautiful! Love the goodies you got from Lyn! Happy Birthday! :0)

Stephanie D. said...

It's coming along beautifully! So bright and cheery, too!

Nice package you got there as well!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday...nice package...that's for SURE! The plaid quilt is coming out really nice, Julie!

Anne Heidi said...

Happy Birthday! Love all your goodies Lyn sent you. Your plaid quilt is coming along very nicely, it looks awesome!

Terrie Sandelin said...

Your plaid quilt in progress is absolutely stunning!

Denise in PA said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE that quilt - I must start one of my own! I collected tartans on one of our trips to Scotland - this will be perfect! My family DOES have its own tartan - we're Wallace and I love our pattern. You can check it out at my Webshots under the "Bill & Raqhel Wedding" folder - you can see the Wallace tartan on my husband & FIL (they're the OLDER men in the photos-LOL, Bill is the son and was wearing a rental kilt ina standard tartan). Address is

Finn said...

The plaid quilt if coming along wonderfully! And I love the Frugal Friday nature of the materials you are using! Are you piecing onto a foundation? I suspect you are since there would be alot of bias stretch to each block otherwise. I know you said your 9 patches were 3" finished, does that mean the string squares are 6" finish? See what a nosey old bat I am...LOL
You go girl...have a wonderful birthday and look for a very small package coming your way soon. Big hugs, Finnie

Karen said...

What wonderful gifts you received. The little dress on the wooden hanger is very special!

Marilyn R said...

Happy Birthday! You received some wonderful gifts! Your plaid quilt is coming along soooo nicely!

beth said...

love your plaid. I have a bunch of scraps that i've been trying to figure out what to do with..i think i know now!

Darcie said...

Oooh! Your plaid strings are looking fabulous! And bringing you such joy. That will surely equal out to a truly special quilt, Jules. Enjoy!

Birthday?! Am I late? Or is Lyn early?! Oh my. Do tell, please.

Plaid glad hugs to you, Julie!

Stina said...

Love your plaid quilt.. looking gorgeous already... and wow.. so you were the recipiant of Lyns wonderful little quilt and all the other wonderful things you put together!! Lucky you!!! And Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your plaid blocks! It will be a stunning quilt! Re: plaids...I have not traced our Scottish heritage in enough detail to get our plaid (although my aunt says she has that info) but I did pick up some plaid from Digby Nova Scotia which is where I was born. It's not an original wool plaid but an imitation polyester plaid.

Trisha said...

Oh, Julie! Your plaid quilt is turning out wonderful! Love it!

disa said...

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