Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The bears are procreating...Hee!

Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are having a marvelous day...I am...I am off from work! The towels and linens are in the washer, housework is underway, the big catch-up from several days at work at the hospital...I know you understand how it goes. Above are my bear paw blocks; I have managed to make a couple more in between all the chaos of work and home business. I like the scrappy goodness of them! Thank you to Judy Lauqidara for the inspiration for these blocks.

Remember the kitchen sink quilt? Everything in here but the kitchen sink. It is mostly quilted (hand), and bound now. It sure was fun! All from 2 inch strips. It will make a great TV quilt. This one was inspired by Bonnie from Quiltville, who made some of these blocks. Thanks Bonnie!

This is a little notebook cover, made for a co-worker. Sometimes people hear that I am a quilter and bring me fabric and scraps that they just do not want any more. A nurse at work brought me some little fabric scraps, and I decided that I should just make her something that night and bring her fabric back to her! So this is what I made for her. She liked it!


I wrote out here what happened at work these past few days...but I just deleted it. It felt good to just get it out...but do I really want to read it again later? I don't think so...just suffice it to say that I am glad I am off today, glad I am not up to my armpits in a Code Blue...just glad for the happy sounds of birds and tip-tapping of the keyboard, the washer running, the doggie pushing his bowl around, the wind lightly blowing...all good things!



The ability and job to work (employment)

Family, always

You, my dear blog friends, always you all!

Have a happy day!!!



*karendianne. said...

Grateful for YOU ~ first thing. Happy you're home today ~ second. And oh I love your Bear Paws. And the Kitchen Sink Quilt - WOAH! That's a beauty. A real Eye Catcher. Just when I think you've made your best yet, your signature quilt you go and top yourself again!

Sherri said...

I LOVE your kitchen sink quilt!

Lisa said...

Hi I really like your bear paw quilt!

Darcie said...

A kitchen sink quilt never looked so good! It's delightful...truly. And I'm glad that you've enjoyed hours of handwork...then I know that you're relaxing. ;-)

Love the little notebook cover too! Sweet of you to give her fabric back. ;-)

I'm glad you were able to unload your shoulders a bit. Sometimes that's just what the *doctor* ordered! ;-)

Hugs to you, Jules.

Jackie said...

Nice to have the day off! I love what you are catching up on. The bear paw blocks are great. The kitchen sink quilt is fabulous!! I just love scrappy quilts they are "sew" interesting.

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen sink quilt! kelley from kentucky

Pat said...

LOVE that zig-zaggy border on your kitchen sink quilt. Thanks for sharing. I hope things ease up a bit for you when you go back to work...sounds like it's been pretty hectic there.

Pat said...

Love that quilt, it is beautiful!

Sara said...

Glad you are enjoying your day off! Sometimes its nice just to get away from it all! I love the bears and the kitchen sink quilt totally rocks! Love it! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the kitchen sink quilt! And hand quilted...wow!

Finn said...

Hi Julie, good to see you again. Your paws are looking mighty fine to me *VBS* Love them in all their scrappiness. Is that a word???
Anyway, glad to hear you are home and on the job of making a home and a life...always an important part of being a human being. sorry for all the chaos at work, enjoy your down time. Big hugs, Finnie