Thursday, February 26, 2009

I saw the Robins!

I was out working in the yard, a little raking and early preemptive weeding, and I saw our robin couple who come every year! A great big sassy male and his diminutive robin bride. It is so warm here! About 80 nice! I have some buds and some flowers coming along, too. Above is my progress on Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's DD mystery quilt. I still have lots of pieces left in the box to put together, but I am making progress.
I changed the colors from Bonnie's selections, and don't know if I like it as well as Bonnie's, but in the interest of using what I have on hand in the was a good choice for me! Some of these are real Indigo fabrics from the quilt show several years ago that I have been hoarding...I really should stop doing that! So I used a great deal of them in this quilt.

Remember this one, above? I finally got all the embroidery embellishment done! Blanket stitching that is...I still need to add buttons and a few little special things to make it more my own. But at least it is together.

Here is my little armchair caddy all done, complete with scissors peeking out of the pocket. Don't know how I ever lived without it! Thank you to you awesome bloggers with all your fantastic ideas!

This little quilt is hand quilted, and of course the binding is on but not finished. I quilted it in black thread and just had so much fun doing it!!!
Hope everyone has a super good day! I have a meeting at work, but then it is back to work outside...making hay while the sun shines! It just can't stay this warm outside...only just February, and the weatherman is predicting freezing temps later in the week.
Warm springlike weather
Precious friends checking up on me
Dear Husband
Dear Son
Coffee in the mornings...Yum!


Screen Door said...

Awesome Gratitudes! So many times I use Google Reader just to skim daily posts... what I miss by not "double-clicking" into individual websites. I love your blog header-- stunning....

Suze said...

You have some wonderful finishes there. How rewarding that feels.

Amelia said...

Working in the yard is so enjoyable in Feb...yes we are going to get cold freezing temps this weekend too.

Love your quilty have been busy.

Pat said...

Your mystery quilt is lovely.

*karendianne. said...

I always enjoy seeing your work and reading about the happenings. Great to know the weather has allowed Mr. and Mrs. Robin to come out. Yeah. I'm happy to see the MQ in progress and I have to admit I'm in the love with the very cool Armchair Caddy. I love everything to tell you the truth and I can't help but smile at the state of the little quilt. You've got so many things going - you inspire me. ...part of the reason I miss you so often! ...just part.

Kathie said...

love that little quilt it is so cute, love the red!!!
black quilting thread that was brave!!!!
but it looks wonderful.
I love how your mystery quilt is coming along
keep going!!!
you really are on a roll finishing the be thankful, etc quilt too!

Jackie said...

Are you kidding???!!! Robins already and 80 degrees! Woo Hoo for you! Send some of both our way. I am absolutely loving all of your show and tells. I do love the colors you picked for the mystery quilt. I also have the gratitudes pattern, but have not done anything with it yet. Some day!

Teresa said...

OH my goodness...we started our Be Attitudes quilts about the same time. I have 8 of my blocks done done...or is that 7? Anyway, I am up to the Be Prayerful block.

All your projects look great. I am wanting to make one of the armchair caddys...that is definitely on my to do list.

Libby said...

I love your mystery quilt! It has a real vintage, Americana look to it *delish*

paula, the quilter said...

It's been quite warm here too. Love the armchair caddy. That is on my list to make in the near future.

The Calico Cat said...

Love the indigos with the shirtings & double pinks. Keep plugging away!

Darcie said...

Julie! So good to "see" you! ;-)

I love what you've done with the indigo fabric! That looks terrific already!

You're always so busy busy busy. But could you please take a moment to bottle up some of that 80 degree weather and ship it up here? I'll share it, I promise.

Hugs to you!

Elaine Adair said...

GREAT color choices, and the Attitudes is wonderful. I have THAT book somewhere in my collection.

Keep up the good work/progress on your DD!

Darlene said...

Delightful projects, Julie!

Sara said...

I really like that mystery quilt and how it is coming along. Your gratitudes quilt looks great!
Have a good weekend!

Pat said...

Hooray for the robins...saw some here two weeks ago and was very excited. (Of course, we have had some "rough" weather since then. *sigh*) Your photos show such WONDERFUL things you have completed or have in progress. You do very nice work. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Wagner said...

I love your BeAttitudes quilt! It turned out just great! I have only finished the first 2 blocks and although I took it to retreat, I didn't work on it at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I love the Beattitudes Quilt, look forward to seeing the finished quilt.What borders are you thinking of adding? It is heartening to see Mr and Mrs Robins. I have a Mr and Mrs Blue Wren who visit are garden every afternoon. Warm Regards Lyn

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you already have spring in your corner of the world! Can't wait for it to arrive here..
Like the mystery a lot!

Finn said...

The projects all look wonderful, I especially love your Be's *VBS* You did great job.
I think your armchair caddy is perfect, how could you call it a simple one? It's great! Take good care of you sweetie, hugs, Finn

MARCIE said...

Your Be quilt is great! And also great job with Bonnie's project. You are getting so much done!

2ne said...

Some great quilts. Have a kreative day

peggy said...

I LOVE your armchair caddy!!
Where did you get the pattern from?
I need one of those for my chair!!
Peggy in NJ