Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi all!

Kim from Stillmeadow quilting tagged me to tell 8 funny facts about me...so here goes!

1. I love all animals, and have all my life. I planned to be a veterinarian when I was small, but did not quite make it!
2. I had really long hair lots of my life, sitting on it length...not now though.
3. I have never dyed my hair...ever, but nature is dyeing it now!
4. I would rather wear jeans than anything else.
5. I am pretty hard on myself, and nobody needs to beat me up about any shortcomings, that comes from me!
6. I have a gold fish who has been alive a really, really long time! (for a goldfish)
7. I love chocolate! not original, but true enough.
8. That's all for me!! Now, it is anyone's turn who would like to participate!!

Have fun and a fabulous day to everyone!


1 comment:

Su Bee said...

Hey! Just about every one of those fits me! Except the goldfish: my ancient animal is a 17 yr old cat.
I used to tuck my hair into my jeans to get it out of the way - did you ever do that?