Monday, December 10, 2007

work day today...


Today I was at work at our hospital. I had (as my patients) one drug addict and a psycho person. Not that I don't have sympathy, but I am tired out... One wanted drugs, and called every 10 minutes (no kidding) for them, and one wanted the people in her head to stop talking, she needed to sleep!! Me, too...a nap would have been great... I cherish my days with my little old sweet ladies! I am talking 90 years plus old ladies, sweetest ever! They are my big time favorite patients.

So I came in and took a picture of my littlest quilt!! Remember that vine I made for my brown quilt border that didn't work? Well, there were the littlest of green pieces left over, and they became DH is holding it in his hands. I love the tiniest pieces of throw away, they hold great charm for me.

Are you ready for Christmas?? I will be soon!

Happy December 10th!



Pam said...

Hmmm -- I've had days like that - LOL!!

That is such a very cute little quilt!!

Ali Honey said...

I love your wee hearts quilt.

I guess when one is over 90, one can get away with all sorts!

Quilting Cindy said...

How cute and so tiny!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's completely precious in every way.

Finn said...

Hi Julie, my gosh...that is TINY!! You are such a sweetie...loving the little old ladies who need it and all the wee little pieces of throwaway stuff.
Such an effort of love! Happy Decemeber 10 + 3 to you *VBS*
The 9 patches look wonderful...leave it to you to be an OVER achiever and have them done!
I'm just getting around to cutting mine into sections so I can MAKE 9 patches...LOL
AND...absolutely LOVE the red border on the log's perfect! Big holiday hugs, Finn

Kieny said...

Lovely little quilt!

Lynn Dykstra said...

I work hospice, and don't start IVs very often, so this week I called in another nurse to restart after an infiltration. The patient took this as a sign of weakness, and complained loudly about "that pretty, young white girl doesn't know what she is doing". Had me laughing the rest of the day.
From Lynn, not so pretty or young any more, but I do know what I am doing!